Economic Impact of Tourism in Mexico Essay

Economic Impact of Tourism in Mexico Essay

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Although the tourism industry provides countless impacts towards a community, the key and foremost is its influence it has on the community’s economic status. In places like Mexico and South America, tourism is the key to help make the country prosper and strive for economic success. Without tourist, many places in Mexico like Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta, Cozumel and Puerto Penasco would be in economic devastation because the tourism industry is what turns their economy which creates more revenue for business providing the locals with more job opportunity to help aid in the creation of a thriving region. Tourism in almost all regions of the world provides some form of economic growth that benefits the country. In Mexico for example, there are many small villages and towns that survive off of what tourist have to offer from hospitality to products and goods to even attractions.
Within Mexico, there are thousands of small towns and isolated cities that strongly rely on visitors to generate revenue. Places like Cabo San Lucas and Puerto Penasco are prime examples of the tourist driven economies in which tourist generate most of the money to help the people and their economy strive. Cabo San Lucas is located on the far most point in the Baja California Peninsula of Mexico. The city of Cabo has many travel attractions to offer such as amazing resorts, an abundance of activities for people to take part in such as snorkeling/scuba diving and shopping and countless cultural sites to explore. While Cabo San Lucas has so much to offer its guests, it would never be made possible if it wasn’t for tourists helping support the city by spending money on the activities and buying goods in order to stimulate the economy to a...

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... and many people have been scared away from visiting it because of many rumors of high crime rate but the true lovers of Rocky Point will continue to support the locals for as long as the city stays open. One trip is all that is need for one to understand how great of a city this is and will become one of the lovers.

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