Essay about The Economic Development Of China

Essay about The Economic Development Of China

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The economic development of China has solely been based off the Lower Yangzi Delta or Jiangnan. This region serves as an analyzation area for making connections between the Chinese and Western economies during the early modern period. This book elucidates on the booming market of late imperial China while thoroughly entailing how economic development occurred in this region. The various theories of how economic development was constructed is examined based on differential aspects of which provide an extensive history in understanding the Chinese current economic success in a deeper more literal way. Through the conceptual economic values and social space we are able to understand the organization of the Lower Yangzi Delta’s economic growth. Through analytical examination of this novel as a reader the construction of a vague perception as to how empirical studies incorporate theories in which describe the Chinese economic development took form.
The intended purpose for this book or collection of essays was to provide insightful information regarding how the trajectory of the Lower Yangzi Delta constituted for China’s market economy during the late imperial period. The book states:
In short, during the Cold War era, there were two prevalent but opposing views on Chinese economic history: one stressed the trends of vigorous commercialization in the regional economy; the other emphasized the oppressive and unproductive social and political settings that hindered the internal transformation of this traditional economy into a modern one. On both sides of the argument, Jiangnan became an unavoidable example (So 2).
Chapter one covers topics dealing with economic value and social space providing a basic overview of the structure of the ...

... middle of paper ... into economic growth. The author makes sure to discuss whether or not the distribution of zhen in the Lower Yangzi Delta region constituted for the positive outcome on the ongoing development the society of if overdevelopment during this time was because of the given constitutional framework.
When discussing Chinese economic growth it’s essential that you consider the Lower Yangzi Delta region as it served as the key contributing region to sparking economic growth in China. Identifying the stages of development, the implications of markets, and institutions you are able to entail how economic development occurred in this region. The various theories of how economic development was constructed is examined based on differential aspects of which provide an extensive history in understanding the Chinese current economic success in a deeper more literal way.

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