Developments in Ancient China

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In the early years of China, the Chinese began a period of establishment in the world with ideas and teachings of new religions, changing powers, and building empires. In a nutshell the Chinese were progressing toward new technology, writings, and belief systems. The Chinese saw many dynasties come and go as well as many ups and downs experienced with societies over the course of history. As all nation’s go through change, the Chinese experienced changes from other lands far away and produced many concepts in which helped other realms to see change for themselves. The Chinese used many inventive innovations to prosper as an economic power and stabilize intellectually. Change mixed with innovation proved to be the roots of China’s success as a powerful nation to be reckoned with for the vast numbers appeared in China’s favor.

The rise and fall of dynasties is a commonly discussed characteristic of the Chinese. The Shang dynasty (1500-1050 B.C.E.) was the foundation of innovative and progressive movements with the first to achieve a working writing system, metalworking, municipalities, and chariots. They believed in sacrificing the captives, who were excluded to being slaves, to the gods and ancestors for this was thought to be an aim for going to war. The invention of writing proved to be a phenomenal improvement as they could now keep records and deliver messages to the commanders of their armies far off at war. They used the logographic system; a word is represented by a pictoral sign which made literacy a royal attribute. With the successes of this risen dynasty, history tells us it must fall so another can be born for a balance in control can be established. An empire known as the Zhou dynasty (1050-256 B.C.E.) ov...

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...iduals. They invented tools for agriculture changing the way they grew their crops, planted them, and tilled the soil. They saw the vast improvement over modern weapons such as the crossbow, chariot, and implementing the cavalry and infantry to help them rise to victoriously in battles and wars. Economically with paper money they were able to get away from bulky coins and could trade with foreign nations much easier. Creating a writing system along with a printing system proved to dramatically increase the education received throughout the country as scholars could now teach from books written before their time and not stories passed from generation to generation. China was inventing and reinventing itself with each dynasty taking power as they had their own rules, beliefs, and ways of taking charge. China was growing.

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