The Ecological Footprint Survey Of The Earth 's Ecosystems And The Amount Of Natural Capital

The Ecological Footprint Survey Of The Earth 's Ecosystems And The Amount Of Natural Capital

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The Ecological Footprint Survey is a survey that measures the human demand in the Earth’s ecosystems and the amount of natural capital used each year. When I first started this project I really didn’t know what I was getting myself into so I took the ecological footprint survey on When I saw my results I was in complete shock. I was so disappointed in myself. I felt like I was killing this planet. The results I received actually scared me because if there are more people out there like me, this planet probably wouldn’t be in existence right now. My results showed that if more people where like me, we would need 4.2 planet Earth’s to provide enough resources. If I thought my results were bad, imagine people who don’t even think twice about saving any kind of energy or gas. This includes people who leave there house in the middle of the day and leave their television, lights and fans on.. Those people would probably need 50 planet Earth’s to sustain them. According to my ecological footprint survey, the main thing that affects me is “services”, which is at 46%. This means that I use appliances a lot and waste too much gas. Was to reduce this is to unplug objects that are not in use such as cell phone chargers and laptop chargers. Also, to reduce gas, carpooling would be a great alternative. The next thing I scored high in was goods and food. The percentage wasn’t too high, but it was enough to make an impact. This ecological footprint is what will help motivate me to reduce energy usage at home for this energy reduction project. Seeing the results of this ecological footprint has helped me see that I am helping contribute to the deterioration of this planet and I refuse to participate in that manner a...

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...665 KWH to 1651 KWH. My results were not the greatest, but I was happy to see a reduction and not an increase. A good way to show these results, is by fist showing them to my family. By making my family understand we can do it, we can pay less and reduce energy. We can help the climate change on this Earth. One person really does make a difference because if I do it, then I can show my neighbors, and if they do it, they can show their friends, family and neighbors. I can get their attention by showing them a cost reduction and then they will really want to do it. Honestly, who wouldn’t want to save money? No one! Taking my results to the community can start a revolution and help change this planet. This project made me realize that it is possible to reduce the consumption of energy, you just have to be willing to want to make a change. You must be a change maker.

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