Biological Imperialism Vs Biological Imperialism

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While humans are becoming increasingly aware of the environmental issues that are occurring in the world, most human systems are still unsustainable. Being sustainable in a society means that humans treat Earth like it has a limited supply of resources that need to be carefully managed in order to prevent damage to the world around us (Chiras, D. D., 2016). So, being unsustainable is the opposite; when humans treat the world like they are dominant over it, as well as believing that the Earth has an unlimited supply of resources that should be consumed by humans. Human beliefs and practices influence unsustainability, which can, and often do, correspond with the root cause of the problem. Much like most problems, there are reasons that unsustainability …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that while humans are aware of environmental issues, most human systems are still unsustainable. being sustainable means that humans treat earth like it has a limited supply of resources that need to be carefully managed.
  • Explains that the hidden effects of international travel are harmful to the environment and human lives. frontierism is a mentality that humans are above nature and all other organisms.
  • Opines that it is effective to fix the root cause of the problem, rather than ignoring the start.
  • Explains that biological imperialism is different from unsustainable ethics because the species is not forcing the expansion.

The word biological imperialism describes a system, in which a species largely expands according to the amount of available resources that contribute to their growth, such as water, sunlight, and soil (Chiras, D. D., 2016). Now, biological imperialism naturally occurs so it is unlike unsustainable ethics because the species is not forcing the expansion. In that sense, biological imperialism and sustainable ethics are similar but they also have a few key differences. While a sustainable society intentionally makes a plan that will conserve resources, species who partake in biological imperialism use all the resources they can get that are needed to survive and flourish. The transforming world has had a change in the values and beliefs it contains in the past 100 years. This change is called a paradigm shift. Technically the definition of a paradigm shift is when observations that no longer fit the basic model of reality, the paradigm, and studied by scientists likely causing them to rethink their beliefs and sometimes discard them (Chiras, D. D., 2016). It is known by almost everyone of the United States, if not the world, that cereal and milk go together for breakfast. One day, if someone comes along and discovers that cereal and orange juice taste better together, it would be mind blowing to modern society. People would have to get used to the idea that eating cereal

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