Essay about Eating Ice And The Learning Theories That Help Stop Me From Chewing Ice

Essay about Eating Ice And The Learning Theories That Help Stop Me From Chewing Ice

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Have you ever been annoyed with the crunching sound of ice by someone who is addicted to chewing ice? However, I did and it’s annoying to hear the sound of someone chewing ice. There are some people that crunch on ice cubes all day long and every day. They even get up in the middle of the night to chew ice. However, I am one of those people that are addicted to chewing ice and I cannot even stop that behavior. I love chewing ice because I like the texture and how if feel in my mouth; I no right that is much wired. In this paper I will be explaining how I started chewing ice and the learning theories that help stop me from chewing ice.
The behavior that I am addicted to and want to stop is chewing ice. I started chewing ice when I was six years old and since then I could not stop. I always have ice drinks with me where I go then after I will start chewing the ice. I remember when I was in high school every time I am waiting for the bus I am chewing ice even when it 's cold outside I have ice with me. I got so addicted to chewing ice that I always feel cold and people around me knew that I had an ice chewing problem. When I am studying in there is a cup of ice with me or even when I am watching movies or even talking to my friends I have ice with me. However, I know that chewing ice was a serious addiction and it can have any health problem I just could not stop my chewing ice behavior. Meanwhile, when I went to the doctor for a checkup they told me that I was anemic and the doctor wanted me to start taking iron pills because my body did not have enough iron. However, I was on the pills for a long time, and then I stop taking the pills because I was moving on campus. When I was on campus I started my behavi...

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...did it for three week. The first day when I started was a struggle because I kept on chewing ice even when I was done eating my food and even when I was in my room. Also, my roommate told me that I should really focus on my treatment plan because it will help me to stop chewing ice. However, there was no adjustment made to the treatment plan because I follow the rule that was made and it was great. The things that I learned from the process are that I can stop chewing ice and my teeth will be in good shape. Also, I learned that it 's not easy to stop a behavior that you are addicted to but if you work hard you will get through it fined. Now I don’t really like chewing ice because I know what it can do to me and what it can do to my teeth. Also I learn that when you have someone there to coach you in the process, then you will feel motivated to go on with the process.

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