Eastern Market: A Popular Destination in the Heart of Capitol Hill Essay

Eastern Market: A Popular Destination in the Heart of Capitol Hill Essay

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In the heart of Capitol Hill, you can find a unique public marketplace where residents and tourists can shop, taste a variety of foods, browse different works of art, and even add a unique touch to their wardrobes, all while experiencing some of the friendliest people not only from around the city, but from around the world. Eastern Market has been a popular destination for thousands of people all year long. From a college student, to a visitor, to a congressman’s wife, there is always something appealing to any type of eye and taste. Since it was established in 1873, the market has constantly demonstrated to have a strong sense of community around the Washington DC area. The friendly faces, warm smiles, appealing creations and enthusiastic spirit, make it an ideal atmosphere to be around with friends and family. Like stated in their main website page, “Eastern Market is far more than a market, it is a community hub for the Capitol Hill neighborhood and a cultural destination for visitors from around the world” (“Eastern Market DC”). It being Washington DC’s oldest continuously run open air farmers market, makes this historical landmark a local destination for fresh food, hand-crafted arts and community events. For over 136 years, Eastern Market has been the only market to serve its original function as a public market and at the same time, connect neighbors, families and visitors from all over DC and the globe. You will not find shopping carts strolling around the streets, or popular brands being displayed along its isles; instead, you’ll find local produce goods and chatty and friendly vendors that are always eager to tell you exactly where your food came from. By walking, driving, riding the metro or the bus, Eastern Market is...

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... as well as my experience and the people I meet in such place, have proven the market to be the unofficial “town center” of Capitol Hill. You can find almost anything at Eastern Market, from the South and North Halls, to the farmer’s line and the flea market, you will never go back home from this market with empty hands. Weather it is pottery or art work you are looking for, or fresh seafood and floral arrangements, Eastern market has it all. I guarantee you will never leave your visit to Eastern Market without a smile upon your face. The sights, the smells and the people around it, will always make your visit a wonderful experience no matter what your destination in the market is. So if you haven’t visited Eastern Market yet, hop on to the metro with a hungry stomach, become once you inhale the local atmosphere, all your senses will come to live.

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