Early Childhood Education : My Personal Statement Essay

Early Childhood Education : My Personal Statement Essay

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Early childhood education types of educational approaches to teaching children. These approaches have been based on a teachers own beliefs and values. Also, the theories and philosophies of many theorists who have based their research on early childhood education. This essay will focus on the three aspects that I find important from my own early childhood education philosophy statement. These aspects are, inclusion in the early childhood education service, the impact of social interactions on a child’s learning, and the importance of providing a safe and stimulating environment for children. I will be reflecting on how my own beliefs and values are connected to the three aspects of my personal statement. Also, linking these aspects to the theories and perspectives of the philosophers of early childhood education that have influenced my beliefs and values.
The first aspect from my philosophy statement that I find important is creating an inclusive early childhood education. This reflects on my belief that all children should be respected and included in the early childhood centre. The early childhood centre’s curriculum should focus on the diverse needs of all children, and the inclusion of children form different cultures or with learning difficulties. For example, the Ministry of Education (1996) states “each early childhood education service should ensure that programmes and resources are sensitive and responsive to the different cultures and heritages among the families if children attending that service (p.18). Therefore, when working as an early childhood educator it is important to remember the responsibility of providing an environment that promotes the inclusion and equality of all children within the education service. O...

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...based on structure learning. Arthur et al. (2012) state in creating an environment which allows for children to freely access resource will give the children the motivation to explore and enhance shared learning. An example, would be providing children with shelfs and cupboards which allows them to reach toys or materials by themselves, this will let the child have their own independence. Also, when designing a learning environment teachers need to make sure that it is setup to be age appropriate for infants, toddlers and young children, since they all have different developmental needs. Children need to have an environment that positively promotes their emotional wellbeing, providing them with a pace they feel nurtured and protected (Ministry of Education, 1996). Teachers need to ensure the environment is hazarded free and there is nothing that can harm children.

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