Driving Takes Confidence

Driving Takes Confidence

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The Natural Human Learning Process is a process that helps you understand the way that we
Learn. Dr. Smilkstein made it clear that it takes six key steps that help the brain learn in a better process. The more knowledge the brain receives the more dendrites grows inside to keep the information.
I’ve realize everything I do in life trying to get better at something the NHLP stages always come in handy. Motivation, practice, advanced practicing; more skills, refinement, and mastery are the steps to accomplish anything you put your mind to. The brain works in patterns because this is how the brain learns by constructing knowledge through sequential stages. Inside the brain is kind of looks like tree roots growing from the ground up. Just imagine the basics of a tree growing from the ground up to the roots and that’s what we have. There are the axon terminal blubs which are like description of the stump of the tree. Axon and myelin sheath is the base and the cell body and dendrites neutron are the roots that make up trillion of brain cells floating along.

I accomplished my driving skills by allowing my brain to gain confidence to drive. I was coming of age to get my learners permit so I had to learn one day because driving is something I always wanted to do. I once was afraid to get behind a wheel of a car until one day I motivated myself by thinking about how cool it would be to drive my junior year of high school before most students did, which is the first step of the NHLP process. Next, practicing came along. My brother taught me the basics about driving one night training on a long,dark, narrow country road in Prospect, Virginia for a week straight until I got used to the feel of driving. By the end of the week my driving skills were better than before. My practicing went from back roads to main highways by the weekend to advance my skills. After I mastered my driving experience my confidence shot sky high and I felt motivated to drive anywhere. I was ready to take on any driving challenge.

Another thing I learned from Dr. Smilkstein’s research is emotions can affect ability to learn. When people feel unconfident or anxious certain chemicals flow into the synapse to shut them down. During that process the synapse don’t give the brain time to think; The brain just shuts down and lets the emotions take control.

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First, when I got behind the wheel for my parking lesson I was very frustrated because I didn’t know how to parallel park. I tried using the side mirrors and looking over my right shoulder to line up the car in between two others, but it just wasn’t working. I was ready to give up and my synapse was shutting down I was about to give up and run away from driving forever. Do not ever let your emotions affect anything you want to learn if it’s kind of challenging. The anger will allow you to get lazy and can force you to give to give up on something you was doing. Stay positive and let the different chemicals flow into the synapse that make them learn quickly and well.

Every day there are people having trouble with obtaining information inside their brain to learn. Dr. Smilkstein really gives out great information for people to follow to help them learn more about the brain and how it works. I think the more information you know about the brain the better it will help you in the future to learn. When you know the six stages of the Natural Human Learning Process you will feel that you’re learning the right way if not you can correct yourself at something you doing wrong. I thank Dr. Smilkstein for informing people about the NHLP it really helps out a lot knowing information about how the brain works. Now that you know information about her NHLP research it’s time to let the learning began in a successful way.

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