Personal Narrative: When I got my driver's license

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Can you remember when you got your driver?s license? From what I can remember getting my license was one of the most exciting things in my life. Having your license means having more freedom. If I didn?t have my license my life would be very different. To get your license you need to take the class, pass the written test, take behind the wheel, and finally take your driving test.

When I took driver?s ed. I was a little scared, but very excited at the same time. It was nice for me because they provided the class right at the school, therefore I didn?t have to pay for it. The class wasn?t very long it only lasted one quarter. I enjoyed going to class because I wanted to do good, and I liked to learn about driving. Overall I did very well I received an A, now I had to take the big test.

The written test that you were required to take was taken at the armory. You needed to pass the written test to get your permit. The test was 100 questions that number made me very nervous because I?m not a very good test taker, and that is a lot of questions. The night before the test I couldn?t sleep because I was so worried about not passing the test. I think I read the book five times before I finally fell asleep. In the morning mom brought me to the Armory, I went in to take my test. It took me about forty five minutes to take it. I brought my test to the front desk they correct it right there, when she was done she came to tell me I passed. I was so excited now I could drive!!

I wasn?t nervous to drive because my dad let me drive sometimes to my grandpa?s house If I took the back roads, so I had a little experience. When I took behind the wheel it was a little different than driving on the back roads, but I did ok. When I finished behind the wheel I signed up for a driving test. This was the part I had been waiting for, I wanted to pass so I could drive alone. The day of the test was very stressful, I had to use my grandma?s car because mine had tinted windows. I had never driven my grandma?s car, and I could not do corner backing with it.
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