Driven to Improvement: The Automobile Essays

Driven to Improvement: The Automobile Essays

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Around the world, we live in today, there are various international commodities. Commodities are a raw material or primary agricultural product that can be bought, sold, or traded across the globe. One major commodity that we often over look is the automobile. From the beginning of time to present day, the need for transportation and travel has grown dramatically. From carrying goods, to being traded, to being sold in car lots for personal use, the automobile is a huge part of our history and present day lives.
By the late 1700s, European engineers had already begun playing with the idea of a motor powered vehicle. By the time the next century was half way over, engineers had already attempted the steam, combustion, and electrical motors. Then, in the 1900s it was, at first, unclear as to which type of engine would power the automobile. Although many were in favor for the electric engine, the battery to power it was not invented yet(Matthew Dixon). Due to lack of technology, the steam engine powered automobiles until the 1920s. In the United States, mass or commercial production began at the beginning of the 1900s and was similar to Europe’s. Although American automobile plants were ran by using assembly lines, European industries were made up of small independent factories that used precise and handicraft methods(Wilkins).
Before we had automobiles, the horse-drawn transportation was the only way to move goods across lands in mass numbers. Although they were still able to travel horse-drawn, the farthest they were able to get was 10 to 15 miles. If a farm, or community, was farther than 15 miles away from water, railroads, or a city, it was isolated from social and economic mainstreams. The invention of the motor vehicle lead...

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...ories to build cars, factories are also creating various jobs around the world. Without these jobs, our already high unemployment rate will go up drastically even more(Wilkins). While there is jobs in the factories there are also jobs being created at wholesales and car lots. With more cars being assembled, more cars are needing to be sold. With the growing amount of cars needing to be sold, more salesmen and sales women are needed.
The automobile gave people a feeling of freedom that they had never felt before. Henry Ford helped free the common people from limitations of where they lived. They weren’t restricted to one place anymore, they had freedom(Matthew Dixon). With the creation of the automobile, mobility was on an all time high for the first time in history. The effects the automobile had, and still has, on living habits and social customs is numberless.

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