Drinking Among College Students And While Driving Essay example

Drinking Among College Students And While Driving Essay example

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Drinking Among College Students, While Driving and Normal, Immoral, and Deviant Drunk Drivers
People drink because they want to have a good time, they like the way it makes them
Feel, or they just simply need a drink. Some people have become addicted to alcohol and they
have let it take over their lives. Alcohol is something a lot of people abuse these days. Alcohol
is strongly used among college students and while driving. I am also going to tell you about the
difference of normal, immoral, and deviant drunk drivers.
College students abusing alcohol. College students tend to engage in things that can put
them at a much greater risk for hurting themselves, hurting others, or legal consequences.
College students tend to binge drink, which can cause blackouts and people not to remember
things and memory loss. Binge drinking or people who drink heavily struggle with alcohol. It
can cause them to drink heavily and possibly have alcohol poisoning. Drinking can cause
college students to miss class or their jobs, poor academic performance, engaging in behavior
that they will later regret, and not properly doing what the authorities tell them to do. College
drinking can cause people not to meet their goals or get where they want to get in life. It could
even cause them to drop out. Sometimes drinking can affect relationships for college students
and can result in a drinking problem if they do not do something about it before it gets worse.
They engage in drinking games and sometimes intentionally get intoxicated. A lot of college
students end up driving under the influence and ge...

... middle of paper ...

...perspective of the brain volume changes detailed in the
course of human alcoholism (R. Adron Harris, Ph.D.).
Even though, drinking is something a lot of college students do, they need to be careful
about how much they drink, what they do when they drink and that it can affect them as to what
they are planning to do with the rest of their life. Although people know drinking and driving is
illegal, they still continue to do it to this day. People need to wake up and realize the serious
consequences of drinking. People don’t realize it at the time what they are doing, but drinking
can cause someone to hurt or possibly kill another person. For people who don’t think they have
a problem with drinking and have had multiple arrests or have been in trouble with the law and
still continue to do it need to realize the serious consequences of what comes with drinking.

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