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  • Benefits of Living in the Dorms

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    Living in the Dorms The best living option for new, incoming freshman to Iowa State University is to spend at least there first two semesters in one of the on campus dorms. Other options available to these students are to find off campus housing in an apartment or a fraternity or sorority, to live at home and commute, or to live for one semester in the dorms and one semester off campus. By examining the alternative options to on campus residence, it is clear that none of these other living options

  • Dorm Life

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    Dorm Life Each year students entering college face one of the biggest transitions they will ever have to encounter in there life, moving into a dorm room. Most students are use to living in a house with there family and most likely having there own bedroom and own bathroom. Now as they begin college, the students move in with complete strangers, and share a bedroom and maybe a bathroom with one to three other people. Adapting to this new environment might take a lot of time and patients for

  • Dorm Life

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    Dorm Life College can be great; living with your roommates can be a nightmare. But wait……before you throw in the towel, make sure you know and understand the rules of a dorm room. Dorm life is something almost every college student must experience. It’s not as easy as it seems either. Most of the time students will try to room with people they know, but normally a student can’t be that lucky to make that happen. It can actually be easier living with people who are complete strangers, than

  • Cockroaches in the College Dorms

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    Cockroaches in the College Dorms Our dorm is populated with more than 150 students from all parts of the country. However, humans alone do not make up most of the population of the dorm. Cockroaches live year round in the humble abodes of many college freshmen. Walking through the halls of the dorm, finding evidence of their residence is very easy. Most of the time, there are squashed ones in the halls and on the sidewalks leading to the dorm. Something must be done in order to keep the roaches

  • Descriptive Essay - College Dorm Room

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    Filthy College Dorm Room As I lifted my head, I was greeted by at least fifty naked models, all in various X-rated positions, each eyeing me with an expression that suggested nothing but lust and desire. I stepped into the room, only to be overwhelmed with at least twenty-five more girls stripped of any trace of clothing. Although my legs were begging to walk my sickened body out the door, I brought myself together and looked at the reason I was forcing myself to stay there. I had to pee so

  • The Importance Of College Dorms

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    College Dorms: An Inspiration or an Obstacle for Students’ Progress? I think everyone would agree to the fact that college dorms are the best thing that can ever happen in a student’s life. Dorms were initially live savior for many who travelled from faraway land just to follow their dreams of pursuing their education. Sooner after that dorm became a norm in the lives of college going students to be very specific. Just to give you a little idea dorms have been known to be the inspirational spot

  • Dorm or Home?

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    Dorm or Home One of the first major decisions that a student preparing for college must address is if a dormitory is best for them or if it would be better for them to live at home. Dorm live has much less structure than living at home so students must quickly learn to develop their own guidelines that will allow them to be successful in a more camp like environment. Living at home can stifle the growth process that is a normal part of maturing into an adult. Parents and students need to

  • Dorm Consolidation Essay

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    recently been consolidated to a new dorm in Shearer Hall and there are a few problems I would like to address. During and after our consolidation, my roommate and I felt disrespected and unfairly treated. After this experience, I would like to suggest a few policy changes to the current room change and consolidation process. On the evening of February 13th of this semester, my roommate received an email stating we had 72 hours as of the 14th to move out of our current dorm and have it ready for inspection

  • Yes and No in Korean

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    He was living in the next room in the school dormitory. He asked me several questions about my background, including my family, religion, and my nationality; I answered all the questions as sincerely as I could. Several days later, I found that some dorm residents thought that I came from North Korea. I was a little embarrassed. Even though North Koreans and South Koreans share common ancestors, the two nations have maintained serious competition for 30 years and are different in every respect: North

  • On-Campus Housing Survey Paper

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    you have a roommate? Where do you stay? Do you have cable? Do you have an air condition unit? Where would you prefer to stay? Do you feel you should have your own dorm? Do you like having a roommate? Would you want to have an opposite sex for a roommate? Are you satisfied with your living conditions? Is their a vending machine in your dorm? Did you like this survey? The first question asked on the survey is do you have a roommate. I found out that 8 out of 10 people that took the survey have a roommate

  • Overcrowding Creates Unhappy Students

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    Overcrowding Creates Unhappy Students Every high school student’s idea of typical college life involves living in the school’s dorms and eating disgusting food from the cafeteria. What most future college students don’t realize is that usually after the sophomore year of college, many universities do not guarantee housing, leaving students to fend for themselves. Housing is an issue on almost every university’s campus nationwide at one point or another. There is always a high demand for housing

  • Atomsphere Of Jester Affecting Students

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    Atmosphere of Jester Affecting Students Do you see moody students at the University of Texas walking around? They probably live in Jester, the largest public dormitory in the nation. Why the long face you ask? Well, the need for a high-density dorm caused the University of Texas to build a dormitory with the atmosphere of a prison. Jester’s resemblance to a prison affects the mood of students and the overall well-being of students. Waking up to loud, obnoxious banging and screaming are the mornings

  • Holden's Phonies

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    but the type of people Holden can’s stand are the ‘phonies.’ Holden met a lot of phonies in his lifetime. Holden lived in a dorm that was named after a phony, he heard a phony playing a piano, and he met his date’s phony friend. Holden went to a boarding school named Pencey Prep. There, Holden lived in the Ossenburger Memorial

  • Unfounded Stereotypes and Stereotyping at State University

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    equally regarded because they reflect a student's interests and strengths rather than define his or her identity and intelligence. Upon arrival at the State University for freshman orientation, students are immediately sorted into categories. One's dorm provides the initial identity as students march to countless events chanting the cheers that have been handed down from upperclassmen. However, these stereotypes are all in fun and are rather temporary as the welcomes fade and all begin to feel a part

  • She's Come Undone: Female Voice

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    attractive persona (146). She is too insecure to comfortably present her real self. Dolores is rejected by the other girls at college because of her physical appearance. The first person to befriend Dolores is the dorm janitor, Dottie. When Dolores realizes that the other girls in her dorm do not approve of Dottie, Dolores abruptly ends their friendship (201). Dolores and Roberta's friendship also has its negative points. After a petty argument, Roberta falls and is hospitalized. Dolores feels that

  • Uncle Tom's Cabin

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    just before the Civil War; during the time when the black people of America were not citizens, but property and had no rights. In the south during this time, the blacks were forced to work hard labor on plantations and were required to live in small dorms outside of their owner's homes. However, the novel is more than just a narrative of slaves, but of human emotion rising up in the face of adversity. It is a story of the fight for freedom, and an account of the history of America. The author brings

  • Free Narrative Essay - Our Big Trip to State College

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    of her friends.  We proceeded to go to her friends dorm and began playing drinking games prior to t he evening of partying.  Needless to say after a couple hours of drinking games we were all a little tipsy, so we then sauntered on over to a Fraternity party, where we continued working on our inebriation. After a long night of partying and fraternizing with hundreds of drunk college kids much like ourselves, we headed back to the dorm in which the whole evening started. And just as any

  • The Truth Behind the Bus

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    that use this service of age to drink, but it is likely that eliminating BVU Rides will not deter college students of any age from drinking. With there being a good chance of students out drinking, there has to be a way to get them back to their dorms. If Buena Vista were to take away the BVU Rides program, students who drink would not have a safe ride home. This would leave some students thinking that their only way of getting home would be to drive while under the influence. BVU Rides Allows

  • College Has Exceeded My Expectations

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    they should put things in their room, to borrow things such as a screwdriver or just a can opener, or to even just hang out. What was cool was that I meet a friend of mine in the bathroom when she got her hand stuck in a vase she was washing. In the dorms you meet people in irregular ways, but it makes for great conversations later on.

  • Project Hope For The Homeless

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    the homeless still need to eat. In order to broaden our research, we decided to collect food from more than one group of people. We went to an average middle class neighborhood and to a college dormitory. Before we went out into the neighborhood and dorms, we prepared a thank you letter to give to everyone explaining to them who we were, to tell them that we were collecting food for the homeles... ... middle of paper ... ...ving them hope. Not only are you giving them hope, you are giving everyone