The Dreams Breaker: Education in Morocco Essay

The Dreams Breaker: Education in Morocco Essay

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Youssef is a senior in a Moroccan public university, he passed there six thousand, one hundred and fifty days of the last nineteen years of his life before graduating, then he spent the same period of time searching for a job ,descent or valuable, before losing hope and committing suicide after tasting the real meaning of failure and uselessness. Yes, studying in Morocco is analogous to drinking from the cup of humiliation. Indeed, seeking for knowledge in Morocco transformed the major part of Moroccan students into “Pariahs”, with an unknown future and destroyed dreams. From primary school to college, from children to youth, education in Morocco had not prepared children for the “real life” outside the four walls of class, it only taught children how to bury their purpose in life in the dreams graveyard. Morocco is inundated with dexterous and smart people and the government should change the educational system from its roots by investing in primary schools, using Arabic as a language of learning, and building more schools in rural areas.
The Moroccan educational system had been exposed to several experiments and changes throughout this decade. Indeed, after juggling between the French system and the Spanish curriculum, and signing an emergency plan to reform education in Morocco, which has never been unleashed, we collided with the wall of failure. Actually, the result was expected because how could we educate a nation where its unscrupulous leaders are molding education as an abject and useless “thing”, and where children are dreaming of becoming like "Messi and Ronaldo" instead of aiming at a noble and worthwhile professional career.
Therefore, The first step to heal the body of the education system is...

... middle of paper ...

... implementing the solutions mentioned above in order to hear in the future that a Moroccan university is among the top 10 universities worldwide, or to be able finally to "produce" knowledge by encouraging scientific research.
Good Education is the solution to all the problems that Morocco faces such as corruption and poor health care, and the change begin by the solutions mentioned above. Furthermore, enlightened people would never misbehave or harm their country, and if we educate well the children before they burgeon, Youssef and others will in the future take the torch and lead the country wisely instead of committing suicide. Finally, the value of a nation is determined by its quality of education, and if Japan and South Korea had reborn, after the nuclear disaster (Hiroshima and Nagasaki) and the civil war, using education as a weapon, why cannot we?

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