Dr. Segal's The Cookie FAD Diet Essay

Dr. Segal's The Cookie FAD Diet Essay

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Imagine a diet with quick weight loss, and being able to see immense results in only a few months, sounds like the life doesn’t it? Well the impossible has finally become possible with the help of special diets, otherwise known as FAD diets. FAD diets are known as weight reducing diets of extreme nature that either eliminate one or more of the essential food groups or enhance the consumption of one group of food in excess, and intend to produce results more quickly than diet-exercise combinations. One specific FAD diet is known as the Cookie diet.
Dr. Sanford Siegal is the founder of the Cookie diet. He produced the Cookie diet in 1975 after years of examining patients who complained that the hardest obstacle to overcome when on a diet is hunger. The cookies consist of a mix of particular amino acids that proved to suppress hunger; he then baked them into a cookie. The general concept of this diet is simple; eat six cookies a day that reduce hunger, then compliment them with a low calorie dinner such as fish or chicken, with a lot of vegetables. Therefore you would only be consuming a total of 1,000 to 1,200 calories per day. However, the diet is a little more complicated than that. Dr. Siegal does not just sell his cookies to anyone; he makes sure that his patients are suitable for the diet, so before beginning the diet the patient has to undergo a series of tests. These series of tests include a review of medical history and a routine examination, along with tests like an EKG. Once the patient has cleared the tests and proved to be suitable for the diet, Dr. Siegal takes them through their responsibilities during the first month of the diet. During the first month, eating the cookies is the easy part; it’s the patient’s effort t...

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... quick fix” and “after awhile you get bored of eating the same foods over and over again and most importantly you’re preventing your body from getting the nutrients that it needs” (Fox News). Preventing your body from getting these essential nutrients have been linked to a series of issues such as: fatigue, dizziness, constipation, and also depression. As for long term issues, a diet lacking in essential nutrients have proved to be linked to binge eating in the future (Fox News). Another discouraging downfall to the diet is exercise, if the patient is someone who likes to exercise vigorously; such as running or even jogging, the diet is not for them. Since the diet is so low in calories, it does not supply enough energy to the patient for a vigorous workout. However, Dr. Siegal does recommend slight exercise for thirty minutes a day such as brisk walking (Overview).

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