Essay on Dr. Phil Valentine 's Life

Essay on Dr. Phil Valentine 's Life

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Dr. Phil Valentine may be a well-known Metaphysician who stated “You are not the body. You are not your thoughts. You are the observer of your thoughts… When you begin to see [your thoughts] for what they are and you remove yourself from judging your thoughts, you are no longer attached to them.” Once I started living by this, I have the understanding I am energy in a human body having a series of experiences prepping my inner being for the next life awaiting me. Living a good life involves having a loving relationship, good health, and a sense of peace.
Life is all about a balance, with positive energy there have to be some negative along with it too. Taking the negative as something bad benefits me none, but when I receive it as a lesson giving by the Creator I benefit from making the same mistake again. I build a stronger inner being who is ready for the next path of triumph to what I call good life. It took me to lose my grandmother in 2010 to lung cancer to understand what a good life consist of. I strongly dis like the fact I had to undergo a tragedy to open my eyes.
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