Reflection Of My Life

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One's dream and aspirations to supersede in life must be stronger and greater than limitations set forth by others. The experience that were bestowed to me during my short life has elevated me to the woman I am today. Please walk with me as I give you the opportunity to see the world from my eyes:

To be the person that I am now, I had to reflect and accept accountability of my past actions. My past is one that many would love to erase from their memory, a past, which remained dormant, until I found myself. The steps involved in regaining myself encompassed letting go of my anger and self pity. I had to look within myself and see my self’s worth, which lead to my belief that I ran away to college to forget my past. During the years leading to entrance to college, I became caught up with friends, cared way too much about my appearance, and became “that girl” who needed others to be happy. I lost sight of my goal, to become a lawyer. My goals were buried by my present materialization infatuation, thus my dreams, and my values, failed just to create a façade of which I came to despise. Through my journey and reflection, I came to appreciate family values and redemption. Like others, my trials and tribulations came full circle.

The union of my parents stands at 37 years. My parents migrated to The United States to better themselves and their families. Their struggle to obtain the “American Dream” instilled family values, and showed my siblings and myself a direct link to education and work. During my childhood, my mother was the first woman to show me what tenacious means. She stood front and center to save her family from becoming victims of society. In order to move her family out of the ghetto, she worked three ...

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... a legal aid center there and bring hope back into their community. I also plan on starting a family foundation in honor of my mother, who has paved the way of charity for so many families. My mother’s blood runs deep into my soul and I wouldn’t be complete if I couldn’t help those in need.

In conclusion, I stand a strong woman who was once broken by bad decisions. I stand a stronger woman with the guidance of family. I stand a proud woman whose destiny became my backbone, which lead my heart to believe again. Through all my trials and tribulations, I stand humble to know that I have made it this far, to stand side by side with my determination to become a law student. A law student, who will go on to pass the Bar, and complete one’s destiny to become a lawyer, a lawyer who will stand strong, proud, and humble to help families overcome their legal obstacles.

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