The Down Side of Texting Essay

The Down Side of Texting Essay

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Social skills have majorly deteriorated over the past few years. Texting has aided in the crumbling of our society’s communication skills. Many have forgotten how to engage in a normal conversation. People are starting to lose sight of how to be sociable. I have walked into a room filled with people and have seen the majority of people in that room texting. There is something wrong with this type of behavior. These individuals have forgotten the gift of socialization our ancestors have given to us. Many are forgetting why we should socialize with others around us, instead of texting all the time. Not only our conversing abilities have been effected by texting, but also it has had an effect on our health. I have experienced terrible sleep from excessive texting. Texting has disintegrated our speaking abilities with other human beings and disrupted our healthy lifestyles.
I believe that talking to someone in person becomes scary when texting is the only form of communication used. I have a friend who recently witnessed this with a guy she was considering dating. She and this guy had been texting for two months. They would see each other in person and he could not bring himself to speak to her verbally, except he would text her while they were in the same room. Consequently, he could not bring himself to ask her to be his girlfriend in person. Continually for two months he texted her and asked her to be his girlfriend, but she refused. She said she could not accept until he asked her in person. Finally, he did ask her. They have been dating for one year now. If he had never gained enough courage to ask her out, it could have ruined a wonderful relationship. Multiple individuals are brave when it comes to texting, but are too shy t...

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...ents are very valid, the social classes can provide a separate category of learning so that teachers would not have to implement social skills into their agenda. Also, children who do not have parents or guardians or ones that do not care about them will be able to have classes that could show them how to be sociable. Students can learn the proper way to socially behave. Not only how to behave in a classroom setting, but beyond as well. I firmly believe that my proposition to fix social awkwardness will benefit the ages to come.
In conclusion, I think it is fine to text, but there is a problem when people block others out simply because of texting. The decency of speaking to someone in person is lost due to texting excessively. Texting has ruined our most natural human ability, which is to socialize. Personable communication is something that should be held on to.

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