Essay about Don 't Worry Childcare, The Children And Teachers

Essay about Don 't Worry Childcare, The Children And Teachers

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At “Don’t Worry Childcare”, the children and teachers are required to wash their hands during specific times of the day. Both the teachers and students are supposed to wash their hands after using the bathroom. They wash their hands before and after eating snacks and lunch. The teachers make the kids wash up after playing outdoors or leaving the classroom. Lastly, the children and teachers wash their hands after touching bodily fluid including, blood, snot, or spit. I have seen everyone wash their hands at those times. While washing their fingers and hands, I acknowledged the children have sung their ABC’s. They sung them loudly, and happily as if they enjoyed doing so. The teachers observed the children wash their hands to make certain each child did it for forty-five seconds, while maintaining to keep soap on their hands. The teacher said, “Awesome Job Taylor!” She was washing her hands when the instructor said that. The educators told each and every child when it was time to wash their hands. The staff ensured the students lined up to wash them. They even got in line to wash their hands to model a good example for the youngsters. If a child did not wash their hands, they were not permitted to eat, until they did so. For example, I saw the teacher make a kid sit at the table with no snack until the child got up to wash their hands. At the daycare, the teaching staff and students are required to wash their hands throughout the day, at the same times every day.
NAEYC standard four was met at the daycare I observed at. Standard four point four is about “using developmentally effective approaches to connect with children and families”, and element four says, “Reflecting on their own practice to promote positive outcomes for each ch...

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...steps of washing hands through an image visual and hand motions. I plan to talk about germs and how they spread. I will then do art crafts that relate to the theme of hand washing. Those are some ways I will put forth my effort to instruct my kids about hand rinsing, while meeting the requirements of NAEYC standard four.
During observations, a few questions came to mind. For starters, I want to know if a childcare can lose its star ratings for not making the children wash their hands as much as they are supposed to? I desire to know if, the four steps of hand washing are being enforced as frequently in school districts as it should? I would like to know, does washing hands properly fully eliminate the spread of germs. Lastly, I want to explore more ideas on how to teach proper hand washing techniques. When I was observing, curiosity of questions formed in my brain.

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