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Each and every daycare has their own menu for the children’s breakfast and lunch. Through my observations, I have noticed that the “Don’t Worry Childcare” has a variety of food selections throughout the month. For example, the children could either choose from fruit loops cereal, or frosted flakes for breakfast. The children’s snacks eaten varies every day as well. For instance, the children ate milk and cookies one day, and cheese crackers another day. An example of lunch would be, milk, chicken fingers, French fries, green beans, and mixed fruit one day, and spaghetti, corn, peaches, and bread another day. I observed the children eat ham, mashed potatoes, green beans, and peaches one day for lunch. All those food options seemed very delicious.…show more content…
I sustain that belief for a few reasons. For starters, I like the food plan because it is different every day. One day the children can eat peaches with their lunch, but another day they may have green beans. On Tuesday the children have cookies for a snack, but the following day, they have wafers. Secondly, each lunch offers a fruit and a vegetable with some type of protein and grain. In class we discussed a theme called, “my plate”. According to the discussion in class, and, the daycare is following the “my plate” guidelines. Lastly, I feel the menu is easily balanced and nutritious because the children get water or milk with every snack and meal. On this one website, it states, “milk is an excellent source of calcium and other essential nutrients” ( That statement convinces me that the children are drinking healthy drinks every day. I one hundred percent feel that “Don’t Worry Childcare” offers a nutritious, well balanced…show more content…
NAEYC standard four is about “using developmentally effective approaches to connect with children and families”, and element four says, “Reflecting on their own practice to promote positive outcomes for each child” ( At the daycare, the teachers met both of those requirements. For example, I examined the teacher inform each parent about if their child was eating at snack and at meal times. The teacher encouraged the parents to bring in a snack for their child because it is important that all the kids eat. I also watched the kids play with pretend fruit and vegetables. The leader pretended to eat the food, and then she said, “Yum this is very delicious and healthy, you and your families should eat this too.” The teacher also makes sure if they eat in front of the children it is either the same thing they are eating, or something healthier. NAEYC standards one, four, and their key elements were met

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