Does Technology Make Us Lonely? Essay example

Does Technology Make Us Lonely? Essay example

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Today we live in a society that has been engulfed in technology and that question is does technology make us lonely? Personally I don't think, I now we can communicate with one another faster than ever whether it's by text message, email and through the many social networking sites that we have today we can reach out to each other in so many ways. There has always been a debate on how this technology affects us and some would argue that it's ruining us as we speak while others would say it's a step in the right direction. Such devices and applications as smart phones, tablets, e-mail, texting, Facebook and Skype are bringing families together, offering an easy avenue to communicate when you’re loved ones are far away and or when they are as close as the next room. People have the sources to interact with others around the globe with just the click of a button. We can share our lives with those around us and at the same time see what others are doing as well. People can keep in touch with their family and loved ones with all of the social networking sites available, or make new friends through these sites. People can talk to their relatives that are station in the military using video chat services such as Facetime and Skype, which a vital way for people to keep in touch with their loved ones while their away on duty. The social networking sites also is a way for us to meet new people and interact with them. It helps a lot of people that don't have friends in their daily life to have friends through social media such as Facebook and Twitter people can talk with each other and build bonds with one another through these sites which can help them to feel a lot less lonely than they would in their normal lives which helps a lot of peo...

... middle of paper ... plenty of times. It has been my opportunity to vent when I felt I had no other way and I know its the same for plenty of people acroos the world. So When you think back ten years ago before all of this technology took hold, people wouldn't have had people that can reach out to for a support system when they have no other such as they do now. And it might seem crazy to think that these social networking sites really have that type of affect on peoples lives when there were probably created just to keep us connected or entertained but in fact it really does. These social media sites are more than just quick gossip or funny pictures it's an outlet for those it need it, it's a way for others to hear their cries out for help when no one else does. So to say technology makes us lonely would be so far fetched when in fact it helps bring us closer to those we care about.

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