Do Homemade Cleaners Disinfect As Well As Store Bought Cleaners? Essay example

Do Homemade Cleaners Disinfect As Well As Store Bought Cleaners? Essay example

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Do Homemade Cleaners Disinfect as Well as Store Bought Cleaners?

I have always been curious if do it yourself, homemade cleaners actually reduced bacteria as well as store bought, name brand cleaners. I know that cleaning your house with household products saved you money but never knew if they worked as well. I have made some cleaners in the past using basic ingredients and noticed that Items may appear to be clean on the surface when I am done. I was most concerned whether or not germs were being killed during the process. I would love to be able to clean with more natural ingredients vs. harsh chemicals that most name brand chemicals contain.
My hypothesis is that the store bought name brand cleaners will disinfect better than the home made cleaners.
Before I started this experiment I did an internet search for recipes for household cleaners that other people recommended. I found four different recipes to clean four different areas of my house: toilet bowl, kitchen counter, dishes, and the tile floor. Almost every recipe contained white vinegar. White vinegar is a mild acid, which is supposed to disinfect, eliminate odors, and safe for humans. Baking soda was also a popular ingredient. Baking soda acts as a cleaning agent because it is a mild alkali and can help dissolve grease and dirt easily when mixed with water. It is also abrasive enough for tough to clean items, but still gentle enough for glass and plastic. Another benefit of using baking soda is its ability to deodorize areas instead of covering it up with chemical perfumes.
Materials and methods:
Before starting the experiment, I purchased a bacteria science kit that included petri dishes with agar already poured in them. The kit also included sterile ...

... middle of paper ...

...e homemade cleaner as well it didn’t seem to have much more bacteria on the dish than the store brand.
I didn’t seem to run into too many difficulties during this experiment. However I would like to do another test on a dirty dish and use the dish soap again (homemade and Dawn). After finishing this experiment and noticing that there wasn’t a difference between the two cleaners I am curious if water temperature had anything to do with the results of this experiment. I could use a thermometer to ensure the water temperature is the same while I test both areas, and use cooler water so it isn’t just the hot water that is killing germs and not the cleaning products.

Literature cited: Cite all the scientific references that you used to present your project.

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