Reflection on a Restaurant's Health Inspection

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Prerequisites include where appropriate:
◦. Cleaning and Sanitation
General; Everything which come into contact with food, the environment in which food is (stored, handled, prepared, served and consumed), the whole internal and external environment shall be cleaned and where necessary sanitized regularly to prevent the possible contamination of food.
Chemicals which are used shall be following the manufacturer’s instructions. (Yes)
Separate cleaning equipment shall be provided for use in toilets, public areas and external areas. (Unsure)
Where used cleaning cloths, pot scrubs etc. shall be cleaned and sanitised or they shall be disposed of after use in order to ensure that they are not a source of contamination. (Unsure)
Storage and use of cleaning materials; Bulk cleaning agents shall not be stored in areas where food is prepared, processed, and/or stored. (Not accordance with the standard), some cleaning materials were store at the kitchen nearby foodstuffs.
Cleaning Schedule; (has not shown), “Clean as You Go” policy did not apply in the food preparation place while it must be their biggest concern.

◦. Personnel Hygiene and Training
According to the standard requirements, all stuff should be trained However, No training, no monitoring, and no records. This was the biggest gap which lead to ignorance and mistakes. Even if they are not supported, they must intensify the arrangement and hygiene.

◦. Food Handling, processing, and preparation
Handling, processing, and preparation such as (cooking, cooling, reheating, holding/service) should be controlled to ensure that the food is not contaminated in any way.
Sufficient space, cleaned and sanitised work surfaces, equipment and utensils shall be provided for preparing foods to ...

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...h there were a number of rooms separated and specified for certain activities, it is not enough. Each of them has a potential of risk, and again that is as a result of their ignorance. Nonetheless, if they work more concentrating on personal and place hygiene. Inspection and observation for everything including documents and records. The more improvement they will get.

Some points should be change such as changing room stuff facilities zone where it shares with the bathroom, and allowing a cross contamination. In addition, the cash machine which is placed inside the kitchen should be out in somewhere. Even the dry food storage should be away from chilled and frozen food while they do not have other choice because of the building size, so be sure that foodstuffs not beside the refrigerator or freezer or any heat/warm sources that would effect their shelf life badly.

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