The Divorce Of Making Divorce Harder Essay

The Divorce Of Making Divorce Harder Essay

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Making Divorce Harder
The society we live in today is full of divorced families and less and less people care to make marriage work. It is easier to move on to the next best thing and leave behind anything that we fill isn’t right or we are tired of trying to make work. Laws should be reformed to make it harder to get divorced in order to make marriage more of a commitment, to focus on staying together, and to give children a greater opportunity to live with both parents as a family. I feel this would help make healthier devoted homes and a better society to live in.
Marriage is a massive commitment for both husband and wife from the beginning. Marriage can be blissful, fun, and full of eventful moments. From the moment of saying “I do” and the everyday routines marriage is work that has to have full engagement. Like any career in life there are ups and downs, and working is not always what we would like to be doing. Marriage is the same way, we may not always find ourselves wanting to be committed to someone. We lose interest in the day to day life of marriage. I have witnessed many marriages end on lack of interest and willing ability to work to stay together. Since divorce is easy to file it’s an easy out for many marriages. There is even a way to file and do the divorce yourself. If there were more laws in place to quote “qualify for a divorce” it would not be an opt-in option. Husband and wife would be obliged to work to keep their relationship together and discover what it is that fuels the marriage to make it work. Instead of losing interest they would find the flame that attracted them to each other from the beginning. More couples would fight the temptation for others if they worked on their marriage daily. They would n...

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...m equally. This is sad tormenting and downright unfair to the children. If you can’t make a healthy home for the children, then don’t remarry. Most relationships will end up with the same outcome, it’s up to the parties involved, on what it will be. So if we work hard to stand to our commitment to marriage, we have less homes with split families and more devoted homes.
When all is done and we move on and accept divorce as a way out it may not always be our choice but the right choice. Sometimes the situation can be so corrupt and one side can try so hard and the other does nothing to try to change. In these instances divorce may be needed. However I feel like this is where the laws could be set to screen these and make sure that it is absolutely the last resort. This would make it ok, but you would at least know you did everything you could by law to make it work.

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