Diversity, Equity And Inclusion Is Well Incorporated Throughout All Facets Of The Australian Curriculum

Diversity, Equity And Inclusion Is Well Incorporated Throughout All Facets Of The Australian Curriculum

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The notion of diversity, equity and inclusion is well incorporated throughout all facets of the Australian Curriculum. It is important to recognise that this notion holds particular significance in teaching Humanities, and Health and Physical Education [HHPE], as it is in the key learning areas of HHPE that cultural and social awareness and fairness play vital roles in both the subject itself, and the method of its delivery. In teaching HHPE, it is necessary to be mindful both of the content being taught, along with the way it is taught, to ensure that cultural, social, academic, physical, religious and gender based assumptions are neutrally acknowledged and are given an open and unbiased platform for students to discuss and participate in.
Diversity, equity and inclusion in the Australian Curriculum is best demonstrated in its three dimensional design, a process whereby “every student [is entitled] to rigorous, relevant and engaging learning experiences across all areas of the curriculum and ensures that all students have the same opportunities and choices in their education” (ACARA, 2014). This ideal is pivotal particularly in the teaching of Humanities, as well as Health and Physical Education, as both subjects in particular are personally and immediately relevant to the individual students’ lives, addressing issues that are pertinent to the cultural, social, economic and physical world of which they are and will be participating in (Gilbert, 2014). In order to teach diversity, equity and inclusion in HHPE, it is vital to be genuinely and sincerely unassuming of the students and their backgrounds, as well as use language which is inclusive and unbiased, with social justice and equity at the forefront in the teaching of these su...

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...rship of their skill advancement, leading to independent learning and the promotion of a range of life skills (Hutt, n.d.).
The structural and key ideas maintained in the Australian Curriculum, specifically HASS and HPE, allow for teachers to develop and enhance their students skills and learning levels in a diverse, inclusive and just atmosphere. By incorporating an inquiry based, constructivist pedagogy, teachers can utilise students’ prior knowledge and thinking, and promote a deeper understanding of the components taught in HASS and HPE, increasing students’ sense of wellbeing, as well as encouraging the perpetuation of continuous learning and breakdown of previous ideals. In doing so, teachers are enabling a more comprehensive, accepting, enriching and respectful understanding of the various differences within their peer group, and the world in which they live.

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