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Discussion About Statistical Analysis and Results Essay examples

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Statistical analysis two independent sample tests compare the mean of the randomised case-control group. To find the significant difference between the two groups, data collections are mean value, so t test is the suitable test to compare the mean value of the two groups in normal distributed data (Menz, 2004). Result of the t test shows body mass index significant p value .005 less than .05 and the mean value of the BMI in case group greater than control group. The null hypothesis rejected, there is a significant difference in the two groups in body mass index.
Foot posture index shows p value .004 less than .05 and again the mean value of FPI in case group higher than the control group. In this case also null hypotheses are rejected and show the significant difference between two groups. Two independent sample t tests shows greater significant difference, it states that two group as difference in the body mass and foot mass index. This supports the hypotheses being tested by the researcher. Participants with chronic plantar heel pain case group should differ from the control group in obesity and pronated foot to support that, these two factors may be the risk factor for chronic plantar heel pain.
Standing heel raise test shows p value .050 greater than .05 the null hypothesis is accepted and there is no significant difference between the two groups regarding this test and shows the negativity of the hypothesis being tested .Standing heel test indicates the endurance of the calf muscle, the test result shows that there is no difference in the calf muscle strength between the two groups. Researches as taken data based on the limb affected more by pain but in the outcome meas...

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...te the foot is pronated. Author justifies that pronated foot will increase the dorsiflexion.Thereis no linear relation found between the ankle dorsiflexion and the chronic heel pain. This correlates the foot posture and the dorsiflexion range of motion, but in the chi-square test it shows the independence of the two variables. Previous study as found the association between the ankle dorsiflexion and strain on the plantar fascia, author determines research requires finding association of the increase in translation of the tibia straining the plantar fascia.
Randomised case control study cannot be taken as a causation, authors explains that accuracy in the case analyse was low as more variables could be included. Authors suggest further research to determine the other hypothesed causative factors for case accuracy. Author had no competing interest.


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