Essay on The Discussion About New Public Management

Essay on The Discussion About New Public Management

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The discussion about new public management (NPM) often leads to the emergence of various principles of public sector modernization. The idea of NPM reflects the 'marketization’ of government, meaning less bureaucratic but more accountable government processes. It introduces private sector values in the public sector. The modernized government also refers to the need of collaborations between government and private sectors in most of governmental processes. This reflects the shift of policy-making from government-oriented to market-oriented meaning less government’s interventions in the market.
Experts are then drawn to propose sets of principles that could indicate if one administration has performed the NPM. One set of principles defines that NPM can be achieved through a certain degree of openness, participation, accountability, efficiency and coherence (Vries, 2013). Some other come up with different aspects and dimensions such as voice and accountability, political stability and absence of violence, government effectiveness, regulatory quality, rule of law and control of corruption (World Bank).
Recently, the NPM idea has been closely related to the massive aid programs from a few major international donors such as the international monetary Fund, the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and the World bank. They bring the idea of neo-liberalism to the democratization of several developing countries including my country, Indonesia. It has been done through the massive devolution of managerial authority from the central government to the local ones, and the separation of policy and delivery.
Those principles will establish the new form of government that are built upon NPM reflected through moderniz...

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...r than focusing on innovations and breakthroughs they could initiate.
Eventually, even though it is still debatable whether the idea of NPM has been responsible of chaotic administrations specifically in developing countries, we will always agree that public accountability is crucial to form better administrations. Regardless of the recent lingering corrupt practices, Indonesia’s economy is still growing. Regardless of the challenges, the forces the NPM brings about apparently has helped countries to keep economically growing.
Thus, NPM should be seen as valuable stepping stones, as a beginning rather than an end of a reform in developing countries. Additionally, the principles will surely be useless unless they are tailored regarding the complex and different contexts of historical, cultural and political shaping the current developing countries administrations.

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