New Public Management

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The New Public Management is not a simplistic Big Answer, but rather, it is a normative reconceptualization of public administration consisting of several interrelated components, which creates innovative bureaucracies that provide better services . This essay shall be against the notion that public sector should run like a business, by discussing the origin of the New Public Management (NPM) in relation to globalization and the Cold War, while also depicting its negative implications on anonymity and accountability which are essential to the running of the Public Sector due to ministerial responsibility. To conclude, a future description of NPM on Canada shall be given in order to affirm my stance. The New Public Management plays a valuable role as a policy tool and as a means by which to advance rhetoric of efficiency, prudence and efficacy in state management, at a time when these values had re-emerged as a primary driving force behind mass-liberation of national economies and the international political economy in general . This new policy was implemented with a mind to change the old running of the public sector into a new form by imitating the business style of the private sector. This is because some of the politicians felt that the public servants lucked the drive and determination of the many citizens that worked outside of the public sector. So the idea was to become more like the private sector in terms of implementing better services to the citizens, as well as being more challenging when producing policies which conflict with others in the public sector. One of the major reasons why this policy gained more than enough support in earlier years was as a result of the Cold War. During the Cold War defense planners al... ... middle of paper ... ...s, Ltd, (1999), P.1-192. Good, David A. “The Politics of Public Management.” University of Toronto Press Inc., (2003). P. 1-233. Harlow, Carol. “Accountability, New Public Management, and the Problems of the Child Support Agency.” Journal of Law and Justice, Vol. 26, 2, (June 2000). P.150-174. Kernaghan, Kenneth. “ Professionalism and Public Service.” University of Toronto Press Inc., (2008). P.1-339. Nand C, Bardouille. “The Transformation of governance paradigms and modalities.” The Round Table, (Jan 2000), Vol. 353. P. 81-106. Ohemeng, Frank, L.K. and Leone, Robert P. “Should Public Sector be RUN like a Business.” Approaching Public Administration. Edmond Montgomery Publications Limited, (2011), P. 1-362. Plunkett, T. J. “ City Management in Canada: The Role of Chief Administrator of Justice.” PDS Research Publishing Services Limited, (199), Vol. 1, P.1-76.