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The Discovery Of Christopher Columbus Essay

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Before the most famous historic voyage to the Americas Christopher Columbus had no support to go on his expedition. Christopher Columbus tried to get support from the King of Portugal John II, but he was turned down. Spain finally agreed to sponsor his voyage in 1492 across the Atlantic Ocean. By agreeing to sponsor Christopher Columbus voyage they believed they would have gained leverage in what they were trying to do in Spain. The Reconquista made the Spaniards very powerful. By Christopher Columbus finding new land with people and gold it convinced King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella to continue to support his voyages. Even though the king and queen believed that allowing him to go on the voyages benefited them it actually allowed Christopher Columbus to make history.
To begin with, Columbus was one of the first many voices who wanted to go west. When his idea was brought upon King John II he believed sailing eastward was a better idea. Columbus finally found someone to support his sailing to the west when he went to Spain. The monarch named Columbus “admiral of the ocean seas” which clearly explains a lot about him. Columbus was even governor of all the lands that he discovered. Really the only way he got the support form the king and queen was because he was going to spread the Christian faith. King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella believed that if he found new land that would mean they could have more people to convert to Christianity which they felt was their duty. Also, another huge main factor on why they supported his voyage was because Columbus promised to return back to Spain also with gold, silver, and spices.
However, now looking back at that time of era I can understand as to why King John II did not want to support C...

... middle of paper ...

...lumbus was bringing most likely grew and also the amount of people they were converting had a good effect on why they decided to continue to support his voyages.
In conclusion, in whatever you want to do in life of course there is always a price. Even though Columbus did have to always bring the king and queen back gold and people to convert it also benefited him because he was able to do what he loved; sail. Gaining back Spain is what even gave the king and queen the courage to support this voyage in the first place. Things were going so good for them rapidly that they knew things could only get better. After showing King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella that they could trust his word after bringing them back gold they knew that it could only increase the amount of gold he was bringing. This allow the Spaniards to gain enormous amount of power, wealth, and influence.

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