The Accomplishments of Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand of Spain

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Many people have heard of King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain. However, only some know of all the things they accomplished. They might be best known for funding the voyages of Christopher Columbus, but they also greatly contributed to the unity of Spain (“Isabella l”). Together, they brought many kingdoms on the Iberian Peninsula together to form what Spain is today. Through Spain’s unification, King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella strengthened Spain into an economic and dominant world power, enabling the spread of Christianity and the colonization of a New World.
Before the marriage of Ferdinand and Isabella, the Moors were in control of much of the Iberian Peninsula. They desperately wanted to unite Spain and turn it into a Christian nation (“Isabella and Ferdinand”). Isabella carefully concocted a plan that would progress her ambition. She proposed to Ferdinand that they marry, which would unify Castile and Aragon, and kick-start the unification of Spain (“Ferdinand V”).
Isabella then desired to boost her control over Spain by establishing the Spanish Inquisition. Its role was to abolish heresy and make Spain a Christian nation (“Spain: History”). The Inquisition officially lasted from 1478 to 1808 (“Queen Isabella’s Influence in the New World”).
The first problem they tried to deal with during the Inquisition was the Moors. At first, they tried preaching to the people, and not forcing them to convert to Catholicism. However, the plans quickly changed and they decided that it was more efficient for forced conversion or expulsion to be used against the Moors (Reston). This did not please the Moors. They fought back against Ferdinand and Isabella. The fighting between the Christians and the Moors went on for almost ten ...

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...e totally different. The natives might have been more accepting to the Europeans, and they might have lived together in unity. This might have changed many things such as religion, culture, and other ways of doing things.
Isabella and Ferdinand accomplished many things that altered the course of history. They expanded the Spanish empire by funding explorers. They also united several kingdoms to make the country that Spain is today, geographically and economically. However, Ferdinand and Isabella always believed that their greatest achievement was making Spain a dominantly Christian nation (“Isabella and Ferdinand”). By the end of their rule, King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella colonized a world that had never been discovered, set up the spread of Christianity, and altogether created Spain into a nation with immense economical and industrial power in the world.
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