Discovering Something New On Food : Pleasure By Trish Hall Essay

Discovering Something New On Food : Pleasure By Trish Hall Essay

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We discovered it, we lost it, and it is coming back: Pleasure in food.
The essay “Discovering something new in food: Pleasure” by Trish Hall addresses the matter of food from a different angle; in fact, food, like fashion, is affected by trends.
The author analyzes a new trend that might affect food in the near future. Nowadays processed food has gained a greater portion of space on markets shelves; therefore, according to the author, people are starting to associate pleasurable food with negative emotions which instead of making eating pleasant, it has become the complete opposite (Hall 1).
The author argues that some individuals have become so obsessed with healthy eating and homemade diets that some of them completely stop eating fat and every derivate of it which is actually harmful to the human body. Trish Hall brings evidence to the attention of the readers through the results of scientific studies conducted to prove that the appearance and taste of food affects nutrient absorption (Hall 1). This is a fundamental point that completely supports her argument; in fact, people have mistakenly come to the conclusion that eating enjoyable food is harmful, when in reality the opposite is happening. Individuals should get a better understanding of the matter in order to determine the most suitable option to adopt. Regardless of the fact that people want to eat healthy, according to Jay Abraham: “being seen as a diet food is no longer advantageous; being seen as a pleasurable food that happens to be low in calories. We know that consumers love to eat and that overweight consumers love to eat even more” (Hall 1-2). This statement explains that this new healthy-eating trend has not completely eliminated pleasure in food, since people a...

... middle of paper ... Ketchup is grown instead of chemically created; this gives an additional sense of genuineness as well as healthiness to Heinz’s ketchup. Although, the ad focuses mostly on being healthy, it also manages to look appealing in regard to its pleasurable taste. Whether Heinz’s ketchup is truthfully what the ad wants the audience to believe or the complete opposite, the advertisement is aiming to a specific target: a consumer who is seeking a natural, healthy product with pleasure in it. It is up to the consumers to reveal and study the origin of the product they buy and consume in order to ultimately rediscover the pleasure in food they have been missing.
Eating healthy and enjoyably should not be considered a sacrifice, but a great first step to a better life, and it should come with effort in learning, understanding and appreciating each and every aspect of food.

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