Disconnect From Social Media For 24 Hours

Disconnect From Social Media For 24 Hours

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The world is too quiet, the sound of the in my ears make me wake up from my dream. I open my eyes and look at the clock, just 8:00 am, why I wake up so early? I walk out from my room, only the sound of birds, and nothing. In this moment, I take my mobile out and trying to call my friend to ask where they gone. But there was not signal, also have the some problem on television and radio. “Sasasa….” The sound from the television, I turn off the television because the sound is too annoying, and start to pack up my things going out find my friends. I drop my phone away and take out the map, watch, flashlight, pens etc. in my bag. I step out of my house.
On the empty street, empty houses, this quiet just like I go to another world, am I the only one left in here? I walking on the road because there were no cars, and try to take my phone out, but I forget something, the network had gone, how can use the phone to go to the Google map to find the fastest ways to go to my friends house, so I take out the maps and a pen, try to point where am I and where I need to go, use map for me is very difficult, because in the simple day, if I lost, I just need to click on my phone and it will be auto find out my location. First, I need to go around to find out what is the name of the street, and the number. Lucky, my friend house is not too far, I follow the map and walk about 30 mins, and I arrive. I was knocking on his door, and he opens the door very slowly, because he just wakes up. From his face, he should don't know the network disconnection was happen. After I told him about the happen, he laugh at me, because he know this will happen today, because that was an announcement show on the television, and I was working hard with a assignment yesterday, didn't have time to watch the television. In this time, much people were coming to my friend house. The house become lively, just like back to the 5 years ago, we are still study in the high school, everyone act like a kid, everywhere is laughing, is playing, is joking… That really happy than today life with technology, although technology can be make our life more easy and fast, but make us to lost ourselves.

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For example, when we are having lunch or dinner, there must have someone are using their to look at Facebook or surfing on some website, technology can make the communication faster but far.
I should not think about this, I should treasure this moment, we can back to the time what we lost, playing game like a kid, and forget the pressure in the adult society.
In this afternoon, we have finished our wish; do something we haven’t done before. First, we go to hiding, and arrive a waterfall, before we were scare because have some true story tell the people don't swim in pool have waterfall because is too danger. But now, we don't care everything, we also no more things to lose already, only left is our friendship. Soccer also is the part we can't push it always, because it is too important, a sport can be make friend easily, if you are trying to do your best, even you are a bad or good teammates. In the now of the day, people always using text message to chat with someone, also someone will be find some new friend on internet. People lost their face-to-face communication skill after the social networking start, everyone work in front of the computer. Even at home eating dinner on one table with whole family, also need to turn on television because we were afraid we will have dead air and didn't have the same common topic.
The day without plan, do the first, which show on your mind, I wish every year have a day like today, can find the entire friend and do something special and forget the pressure. The Sky become darkness, we pick up some woods, and start to make a campfire. In my memory, the first time join the campfire is also with my friends, this is the icon of our friendship, we dance, we talk, we laugh, and we do everything… A phone was ringing and wakes me up, but that is not mine, my head is so much pain, everyone just slept on the floor, I take out my phone and take a photo immediately, also post on Facebook, In this time, I know the disconnection has gone, we need to back to the world where we come from, I step out from my friend house, a deep breath, and walk on my own way…

Medium Theory, McLuhan (1964) challenged traditional definitions when he claimed that the medium is the message. With this statement, he stressed how different channels; not only in terms of content, but also taking into account how they wake up and change thoughts and feelings. Its cognitive processes must distinguish between different media. The idea of McLuhan popularity, the channel must be understood as the dominant social and cultural forces that affect the way the media. Media theory focuses on the characteristics of the medium itself (as the theory of media richness), rather than what it is or how the message was received. In media theory, media is not just a newspaper, the Internet, digital cameras and more. More precisely, it is the symbolic environment of any communicative act. Review of McLuhan is that people adapt to the environment through a balance or proportion of the senses, the era of major media, to highlight a particular meaning, which affects perception. Medium theory to explore the physiological, psychological and social variables must participate in the meaning of media, communication in the case of a two-way or one-way, how fast information can spread, difficult or easy to learn the coding and decoding of media, how many people can participate in the same time the same message, and the like. Media theorists believe that these variables influence the use of media and its impact social, political and psychological.

Analysis of communication networks (1986) is a network " cut through the structure of information technology created in interpersonal contact. " Under normal circumstances, the purpose of network analysis, rather than the characteristics of human relations between people. These relationships can include feelings of people to another, information, or more accurately the exchange, such as the exchange of commodities and currencies. By mapping these relationships, network analysis helps to identify emergency and informal means of communication exists in an organization, and perhaps more formal structures of communication. These new models can be used to explain some of the organizational phenomena. Such as employees of this place has a communication network will have an impact on their contacts and information control. Because of the relationship between attitudes and behaviors of employees in contact with other members of the organization, these relationships can also help to explain why staff training on issues related to the organization of certain activities or work attitudes. Moreover, there is a lot of literature available on the network in an organization is how to collect the data can be analyzed.

The key words:
Influence, might be considered the key concept linking audience and media effects with news values and the related ideas of informed citizenship and the public sphere. In my story explain how media affect of daily life, if we without it, what will happen, what the feeling, and make some compare.
Media/Medium, Media is where we get the information of the world today, Medium is trying to provide the real, but without this we only can be face our own world, life in your own society. Without this two we never get the news, but we can put away our phone, and just like a kid, never worry about how is tomorrow, only happy in everyday.
Globalization is an outcome of time-space compression that is over 500 years old, yet it only recently became the fin-de-siècle zeitgeist that it is now for journalists and much of the social sciences. In my story soccer makes us to be friends, but technology makes us to be far and far, in the world today, much of citizen facing the phone is more than facing to the people near them, is that good for our communication with other, or this is the new type of communication after the phone call, just left the text.

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