Dimensions Of Quality Of Health Care Essay

Dimensions Of Quality Of Health Care Essay

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Dimensions of Quality in Health Care
The Institute of Medicine defines quality as ‘the degree to which health services for individuals and populations increase the likelihood of desired health outcomes and are consistent with current professional knowledge’. The health system is composed of a few elementary segments – the overarching macrosystems, the front line clinical microsystems, and patient subpopulations needing attention (Sollecito & Johnson, 2013).
Amplifying health results and patient safety requires a patient-centered, well-designed health care organization which includes all encounters with the patient. This includes the clerks, paraprofessionals, nurses, and physicians. Good quality care performed by a competent individual cannot overcome a poorly run team or system (Zabar et al., 2014).
Micro Perspective
Clinical microsystems in health care are teams of clinicians, working together, and are an important contribution to the management and study of patient safety. Most health care today is acquired, distributed, pursued, and shaped at the level of the clinical microsystem which is where gains in safety, value, and quality of care occur. The principle of the microsystem approach is teams that are vested and committed to improving quality in their work environment (Braddock, Szaflarski, Forsey, Abel, Hernandez-Boussard, & Morton, 2015)
Small Area Variations
There are different levels of variation on health care. Variation is the difference by which a process varies from its standard. Organizational outcomes and efficiency studies are linked with variation in a health care organization. An example of variation in a process would an average of how long it can take to do a cat scan on a patient; an average could be...

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Quality health improvement is a process that requires a diagnostic process using a set of tools that will lead to ideas for potential improvement. An improvement trial is organized and monitored to see if the improvement idea succeeds. If it does, then it may be extended or trialed in a different setting. If it does not, then another trial may be organized. Maintainable and effective principles of quality improvement projects are straightforward and require clarity about the aim of the health care initiative, optimization of the factors that influence the human side of the change, and a clear process for the technical side in the improvement initiative. Progressing from compliance, to dedication, and then on to quality improvement, can be an inspiring and rewarding exercise to implement and improve patient care and health care quality (Dawda & Raymond, 2016).

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