Essay Different Theories Of Victimization And Crime

Essay Different Theories Of Victimization And Crime

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There are several different theories of victimization. Each theory discusses how victims and victimization are major focuses in the study of crime. All of these theories share some of the same assumptions that deal with crime and its victims. Some of the major theories of victimization are lifestyle exposure, routine activities, special relations and victim precipitation. The three theories that I will be focusing on in this report will be the lifestyle exposure theory, the routine activities theory and victim precipitation theory. (I, 2016)
The first generation of victimologists focused more on the offender rather than the victim. The second generation of theorists focused more on the victim and used a situational approach of explaining and testing the lifestyles and routine activities that create opportunities for victimization. Hindelang, Garofalo, and Gottfredson noticed that there are certain groups of people that were more likely to be victimized. (I, 2016) It was theorized that people’s demographics were influencing their lifestyle. It was theorized by Hindelang that a person’s sexual tendencies carry certain societal constraints. (I, 2016) An example of this would be if a person were to spend more time at home, they wouldn’t be exposed to as many risky situations that involve strangers and would in turn keep them from being victimized. (R. Jewett, 2016)
Cohen and Felson came up with the routine activities theory. This theory focuses on how opportunities for crimes are related to who they involve themselves with. For example, their family, friends and places that they frequent. This theory examined that people who hang out at bars or on the streets are more likely to come into contact ...

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... hanging around those people I stayed out of trouble. (R. Jewett, 2016) According to the definition of routine activities theory, she was to blame. She chose to put herself in that situation. It doesn’t seem fair to blame the victim for something bad happening to them. It seems like there is nowhere that is safe anymore. (R. Jewett, 2016)

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