The Criminological Theory: The Three Important Theories Of Criminality

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In this research paper I will summarize three important theories of criminality. In criminology, examining why people commit crime is very important, but there is always a debate in how crime should be handled and prevented. The biological theory, focusses on the study of social behavior and structures. The sociological theory, evaluates crime as a social problem, and not as an individual problem. And psychological theory suggest that behavior of crime is the result of individual’s differences in thinking process. These three theories can help criminality to try find out why people commit crime or what leads people to commit crime. It is important to study criminality theories because that way authorities can have a better understanding of…show more content…
This theory suggest that psychological behavior of crime is the result of individual’s differences in thinking process. “There are four basic ideas when it comes to psychological theories of crime”. (Boys, 2003). The general assumptions suggest that failure in psychological development is the result of crime. Learned behaviors of aggression and violence can be another result of crime. Inherent personality traits is as well another result of crime. An example of this theory can be a person who lies all the time versus a person who rarely lies. The person who does not lies, feels guilty or uncomfortable when he or she does. On the other hand, the person who do lies feels more comfortable about lying and does not feel bad about either. Psychological theory also suggest that it is the person’s thoughts and feelings that detect their actions. Problems and thinking can also lead to criminal behavior because the person believes that what he or she is doing is not wrong so they keep doing it. People who come from a violent environment can make them to be violent as well. It is kind of like a tradition that families past around to their kids and then they pass it on their kids. I believe that most of the time criminal behavior comes from where we learn criminal activities. The role parent’s play is very important to their…show more content…
Crime prevention is based on implicitly one or more theoretical understandings of crime. The value of understanding theoretical explanations of crime is important because every theory assumes something different. There are also two types of theories of crime, which are crime as deviant behavior and crime as learned behavior. Crime as deviant behavior is implicit or explicit is most predictable studies. Personality differences that are reflected unimportant in the cultural approach to crime are considered relevant in most presumptions. For instance, a delinquent is a failure of personal and social control. Meaning the family and the local community made the delinquent to act and behave that
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