Different Math And Technology Applications Essay

Different Math And Technology Applications Essay

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These past couple weeks in C I 201 Lab have been dedicated to looking at different math and technology applications and looking at how effective they can be in the classroom and where we could potential fit them in within our own classrooms someday.

During the first week, we focused on Scratch and Scratch Jr., which are coding applications for student. Jr., focusing on younger aged students, which tended to have simpler steps, while Scratch, was for older students in the elementary aged setting. We started out with Scratch Jr. to ease into the idea of coding. We spent time looking at different ways we could move an object around and change the entrance and exit sizes. After we finished warming up on our skills we moved over to Mac laptops and on to Scratch. From there we handled more difficult components. We spent time going through the simple definitions but much of the work later on would come from figuring out what we could do with this application.

We were assigned to create a calling card and a game using the Scratch application. Going into the activity I thought it was going to be super easy to get the hang of coding, but I would soon realize that I would have to spend a lot of time familiarizing myself with the layout and simply take time to figure the small things out. For the activities I choose to make a birthday card and a maze. I actually found the maze to be easier to make, because by the time I got to the maze, I was used to the application, because I spent so much time trying to get the hang of it with the birthday card. We were told to put links to these in the assignment folder on Blackboard.

During the second week, we focused on different applications that students could use to understand math. We first play...

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...that we will definitely have to work hard on, as teachers, to learn, so we can in return help students understand it. At the end of the day I give Educreation a thumbs down. It was not easy to work with as a college student, so I can’t imagine all the problems I would have in a classroom with 20 students trying to use it. However, I could see myself using it in a history class. In history, you could assign every student a person or a region to research and they could create their own presentation. This would be perfect, because they’d not only be teaching others but themselves. With Scratch we could have the students use coding in a shop class while they’re designing a building or birdhouse. We could also have them create a mathematical game for other students to play, while they play others. Overall, I can see myself as a teacher doing a lot with both applications.

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