The Difference Between Capitalism And Marxism Essay

The Difference Between Capitalism And Marxism Essay

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Question 8: The Difference between Capitalism and Marxism
Capitalism is described as an economic system based on concentration of private ownership of the means of production in relatively few hands, a large class of propertyless workers who labor for wages, and production for sale and profit rather than the use. The money invested by the property owners for the purpose of making a profit is called capital; hence the system term is call capitalism. Capitalism can be more easily understood by saying it is a way of thinking that as a complete, people make better and more knowledgeable decisions than a government could. Given the choice, people will make the right decisions on what they purchase. These decisions eventually reward the industries that provide the right products and services while killing those that provide lousy services and products due to the fact that these businesses compete against each other in this competition based society. So under capitalism, it is isolated choice that determines the winners and losers in the marketplace, and it 's the winners, the prosperous companies, that stick around for the long haul.
Karl Marx, a 19th century philosopher, told of how capitalism causes alienation. This is the condition of being at war with one’s own nature, the products of one’s labor, and one’s fellow workers. Marx told of how capitalism weakens an individual’s ingenuity and productivity. This makes the workers unhappy in their environment, disappointed with their rest and it also makes it impossible for them to reach their full potential. Marx spoke of how people need satisfying, healthful, and fulfilling labor in order for them to be happy. Due to competition, workers are against each other, bosses are again...

... middle of paper ... through the public postal service or you can decide on a private option like UPS. Someone can send their children to public school or private school. As liberals, no one wants a government overthrow, we just want the ability to have options. People like the idea of being be able to choose between private health care and government health care when one doesn’t like the insurance they currently have. If you are 18-64, you have no preference or choice over your own medical care. How is this not seen as a governmental takeover on medical insurance? Socialism is part of the foundation in this country. Stating that socialism is a bad thing because of far-reaching and questionable comparisons to Hitler is like saying all guns are bad due to of the Columbine killers. Socialism and communism are extremely different from Democratic Socialism in the United States.

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