Diagnosis Of An Eye Specialist 's Effectiveness Essay

Diagnosis Of An Eye Specialist 's Effectiveness Essay

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Problem statement:

Decrease the wait time and increase an eye specialist’s effectiveness in treating patients. It has become the norm for the initial wait time to between 30 minutes to up-to 2 hours from the time you enter the office and actually get to see the doctor. The time spent waiting versus actually spending time with the doctor is phenomenal. In addition, in today’s world most doctors are not connected to other institutions thereby needing endless paperwork and phone calls to confirm patient history from the primary care doctor.

Data Collection and Collection:

What data do I need?

Need the following information:
1. Wait times daily for a period of two weeks to ensure that all anamolies are covered.
2. Time spent seeing the triage nurse before seeing the ophthalmologist.
3. Information the number of calls made to confirm prior patient history.
4. How many times patient docs like xrays are copied and sent to the ophthalmologist prior to treatment
5. Number of calls to confirm patient blood test
6. Time spent in compiling the paperwork at the doctor’s place versus doing it online prior to the visit
7. How many times are patients asked to come back as the doc is still in surgery?

How do I plan to collect it?

1. Observe the doctor’s office for a few hrs daily for two weeks. Observe closely the time patients spend time from the time they come in to when they leave. Also observe the number of times they are moved from the reception area to the nurses triage before they finally see the doctor.
2. Review the patient records.
3. Access the doctor’s computer systems.
4. Talk to the receptionist, triage nurse and some of the patients when they are leaving about their experience.

Performance measures:
1. Reviewing your appoin...

... middle of paper ...

...round very long.
13. Call patients ahead of time and let them know if the doctor is running more than half an hour late.
14. Inter transfer of data between practices. Usually each practice that you visit or are referred to runs the same tests again because the patient is new. If the referral is within a three months then it makes sense to share the information so that unnecessary tests are repeated.


1. Most of the recommendations above are easy fixes but many of the doctors today are so busy with patients that they may feel they do not have the time to focus on these recommendations.
2. America is growing old and we need our doctor’s to be super-efficient not only in their knowledge in the field of medicine but also in their office operations.
3. One concern I have in getting all the patient data online and connected is “Will patient data be secure”?

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