Argumentative Essay About Room 101

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Room 101 In this world, I hate a lot of things. One of these is the simple teenager, but I'm not going into that because most everybody knows the reasons. I am, instead, going to tell you about three of the more interesting things I truly hate and believe deserve be banished to room 101. One of these things is the waiting room. As the name suggests, waiting rooms involve waiting until your appointment time. Unfortunately, there are more to Waiting rooms than this. Waiting rooms are cleverly designed by doctors to keep the sick close to each other. The doctors want us to infect each other so we will need to return at a later date to see them for any other afflictions. The "waiting room" could also be called a "more business" room, as doctors are using other patients to get more business. In a waiting room, you have to endure several forms of torture. The most prominent of these is the music they play. The music is too quiet, so the patients can barely to hear it in the silence, meaning if you cough, or make any form of noise, you are worried people will pay more attention to you and j...
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