Diabetes Research Analysis Essay

Diabetes Research Analysis Essay

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When I started my search, I found numerous sources about diabetes. However, many were irrelevant. Although I had considerable success finding information on diabetes in general, there was often inadequate information specifically concerning type II diabetes. For example, the source would group type II and type I diabetes together when explaining the effects of exercise and diet. The source became a problem because type II diabetes isn’t insulin dependent while type I diabetes is. Although the problem doesn’t seem important, it is because exercise and diet for type II diabetes focuses on lowering insulin, which is already naturally made by the type II diabetic while type I diabetics don’t even make insulin and struggle to keep insulin in their body.

Additionally, although I found many sources on clinical studies of type II diabetes, these studies frequently lacked sufficient explanations of their results. For instance, many of these studies which I searched would talk about the process in which they performed, and then vaguely made a conclusion about the experiment. They would leave the reader with no definite conclusion and many questions unanswered, which provided little benefit to the reader.

Many publications were also lacking details on the connection between physiology and type II diabetes. The publications would skip through the process between the exercise and diet routine and the results. For example, many of the publications would give information on a certain exercise and tell the results it has on one’s glucose levels, but leave the questions of how and why unanswered.

The first source I found, which is extremely relevant to my topic, is the “Type II diabetes” article from The MayoClinic Health Letter. This s...

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...s which aids one in fat reduction. More beneficial information which I learned is that while bread, veggies, and nuts are starches which make up complex carbohydrates, sugars such as glucose and lactose make up simple carbohydrates. This information is beneficial because it taught me the difference between simple and complex carbohydrates.

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