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Devices Of Computer Essay

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Devices of Computers
Computers perform the input, storage, processing, and output functions of the information system. In addition, computers and their devices need ways to communicate with one another. These devices are usually connected by electronic cables when located near each other. The factors that determine the reliability of an information system are the accuracy of data input, the convenience and quality of output, optimal use of storage devices, and the speed of a computer.
Accuracy of data input is important, and computers ensure that the results are correct by not making mistakes that people do. There are many types of input devices and deciding which one to use could save time and improve accuracy. Optical scanning, for example, is best used for printing questionnaires and retail tags. Optical scanning input devices include optical character recognition (OCR), which recognize certain printed characters. The OCR is an optimum way to read printed questionnaires because the optical character recognition senses marks made on forms. Relative to this, bar-code scanning is one of the most common optical scanning input devices. This device recognizes a bar code, which is the series of bars of different widths found on retail tags in stores. Another optimal scanner used is simply called a scanner; this device uses light to sense an image on paper. Any type of image can be scanned and businesses use scanners to transfer long documents and images into a computer. They can then be changed, stored, or used in screen or printed output. In addition to using a scanner, magnetic scanning is another type of scanning input device that recognizes magnetic patterns. An example of magnetic scanning is magnetic ink character recognition...

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... primary storage at one time. The speed at which a computer can transfer data is measured in fractions of a second. CPUs are synchronized to run at the speed of an internal clock. With each tick of the clock, the CPU performs one step in executing an instruction. If the clock ticks more rapidly , then the CPU will run more rapidly. Clock speed is measured in megahertz or gigahertz. One megahertz is one million ticks per second and one gigahertz is one billion ticks per second.
In conclusion, computers perform the input, storage, processing, and output functions of the information system. In addition, computers and their devices need ways to communicate with one another. The factors that determine the reliability of an information system are the accuracy of data input, the convenience and quality of output, optimal use of storage devices, and the speed of a computer.

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