Storage Devices Essay

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Storage Devices A storage device is the system where your computer stores and retrieves your data. Storage devices can be a hard disk drive, DVD, CD drives, Blu-Ray drives or flash drives. A computer can retrieve the data by being “commanded” to retrieve it from the storage area and retrieve it to your RAM. The RAM of the computer is your temporary memory where your data is inputted, and then processed and stored onto a storage device for permanent placement. There are several different storage devices that can be used to store your data. These are the magnetic storage, optical storage, and solid state storage. According to Parsons and Oja (2014), “a magnetic storage devices stores the data by magnetizing microscopic particles on a disk or tape surface” (p…show more content…
According to Parsons and Oja (2014), they state that a “microprocessor is an integrated circuit designed to process instructions” (p 67). It’s prime role is to process data with speed once it has received instruction. A microprocessor is generally advertised by the speed of the microprocessor in gigahertz. Some of the most popular chips are known as the Pentium or Intel-Core. When purchasing a computer, the microprocessor is one of the main essentials to review before selecting your computer. The faster the microprocessor, the faster your data will process, when navigating through the software. Memory There are four types of memory. These are the RAM, ROM, EEPROM and the Bootstrap loader. The RAM, also known as Random Access Memory, is the temporary space where the processor places the data while it is being used. This allows the computer to find the information that is being requested quickly without having to search the hard drive space. Once the information has been processed, and stored onto a permanent storage device, it is cleared out of the RAM. The RAM also houses the operating system while in