The Development Of A Project Scope Statement Essay

The Development Of A Project Scope Statement Essay

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The development team has begin to have meetings with both Bob and Thelma Mellankamp. They have expressed that they need to go ahead with an upgrade of their information system. To conduct the planning necessary several step must be taken. These are to include the identification of the issue; the scope of the project as a whole; the feasibility of the project; and the development of a project scope statement in order to identify expectations, deliverables, and benefits of conducting this project.

Due to a reoccurring shortage of materials it has become more than obvious to the Mellankamps that a improved system is needed to handle inventory or they will continue to experience issues with sales. More specifically the inventory control, customer ordering, and management reporting systems are the areas that are felt that need to be focused on. Deficiencies in these areas result in an inadequate stock. This hampers overall sales and in turn, prevents the company from copping with the resent increase in patronage. The new system will be focused on information management. This will encompass inventory management, marketing, customer service, and food preparation; as well as an addition system to manage the point at which the actual sale is made. These two systems are intended to work in conjunction.

The intent for the scope of the project is to replace the current information system dealing with inventory control, customer ordering, and management reporting used in the daily operation of the company. Firstly, the development team will be integrated in the streamlining of the workflows of the existing system by acting as a participant in the process themselves to observe and monitor from beginning to end. By doing this ...

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...ill allow Hoosier Burger to seamlessly conduct sales, update accounting and inventory ledgers, and manage logistical resources.
Business Benefits - More efficient inventory and resource management, reduction in service time, integration of administrative tasks, and increased customer satisfaction.
Project Deliverables - Register, Computer server, and integrated accounting software.
Estimated Project Duration - 2 Months

With the meetings that have taken place, both Bob and Thelma have expressed that they need to upgrade of the information system. It is necessary to develop this project through several step. These are to include the identification of the issue; the scope of the project as a whole; the feasibility of the project; and the development of a project scope statement in order to identify expectations, deliverables, and benefits of conducting this project.

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