Developing Students ' Reading Abilities Essay

Developing Students ' Reading Abilities Essay

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Developing students’ reading abilities is a highly important aspect of teaching. While children usually receive their first introduction to literacy in the home, schools and teachers have the responsibility to refine ability and craft a competent reader. There are a wide variety of methods and theories regarding teaching reading, therefore it can be difficult to know which method to follow. Considerable research has been conducted around the methods of teacher reading and there is strong evidence that suggests that effective reading instruction, through explicit and systematically taught skills and strategies, is most beneficial. Effective reading instruction, which focuses on key reading strategies and skills, should be utilised by teachers, as this teaching method provides students with significant and valuable benefits.

Students who are taught skills and strategies to employ in order to be effective readers, will benefit personally, socially, politically, and economically (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), 2003; International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement (IEA), 2011). Developing high literacy skills gives students the ability to independently access the ever changing world more capably; to assess and critique information, to successfully participate in society, and to positively effect change. The Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (2010) understands the need to shape future citizens that are informed, and highlights the importance literacy skills play in providing students with these abilities. Hill (2012) describes a full circle theory in which students will learn, will learn through leaning, and will learn about learning.

Effective reading i...

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...gagement and effort (Bayetto, 2013).

Effective reading instruction is an important area for teachers to be proficient in. Teaching students to be effective readers will provide them with significant personal and social benefits, helping students to be valuable global citizens. By teaching relevant skills and strategies through explicit and systematic teaching, teachers give students with the best opportunity to develop a high reading ability. Differentiating the curriculum to suit students’ abilities and experiences, while providing authentic learning experiences, will ensure that students are engaged and motivated to take responsibility of their own reading development. Effective reading instruction, which focuses on key reading strategies and skills, should be utilised by teachers, as this teaching method provides students with significant and valuable benefits.

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