Designing A Lesson Plan For The State Of New Jersey 's Student Learning Standards

Designing A Lesson Plan For The State Of New Jersey 's Student Learning Standards

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For this artifact that addresses NJPTS #7, I had to design and plan a lesson that is both appropriate for the content area and grade I wish to teach and in compliance with the state of New Jersey’s Student Learning Standards. Furthermore, the lesson plan had to follows Madeline Cheek Hunter’s lesson planning model, which includes the major components of: grade level/subject/topic, objective(s), standard(s), materials, teaching process (including prerequisite skills/knowledge, anticipatory set, input and modeling, and student practice and checking for understanding), and closure (including lesson wrap up and culminating activity). Overall, I chose to design a lesson for an eleventh-grade English class, focusing on both figurative and connotative language and how they help convey a story’s meaning and/or impacts its tone. In fact, because my lesson plan is directly aligned with RL.11-12.4 from the New Jersey Student Learning Standards for ELA, this artifact is in compliance with Standard 7, Essential Knowledge 1. This specific indicator states that, “The teacher understands content and content standards and how these are organized in the curriculum” (Professional Development in New Jersey, 2014, p. 10), and is exemplified by the fact that my lesson plan is designed around one of the essential content standards for English Language Arts and examines the specific course content necessary. Furthermore, by planning to teach this lesson regarding the impact of figurative and connotative language on a written work’s meaning and tone after completing a lesson on how to determine the overall meaning and tone of written works, this artifact complies with Standard 7, Performances 3. This indicator states that, “The teacher develops appropriat...

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...overing figurative and connotative language—in some form in the future. Furthermore, if I cannot use this artifact as an actual lesson plan in my own classroom, I still intend to use it as a model for each and every lesson plan I have to write. That is, I can use it as a template for what my lesson plans should look like. Specifically, I know my lesson plans must include each aspect present in my artifact, such as an anticipatory set, input and modeling, etc., so, if needed, I can deconstruct this artifact to just the “bones” and build it back up each time I need to write a lesson plan. Overall, regardless of whether or not I can use this artifact exactly how I have created it, I do still plan on using this artifact in the future as a model for what my lesson plans should look like and can even use this artifact as a template when creating the lesson plans I need.  

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