Design Of Design Thinking Research Essay

Design Of Design Thinking Research Essay

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Researching about Design Thinking and the vital role reinterpretation plays in the design. The different strategies individuals design think before creating the outcome. It isn’t clear, which method is superlative. Through research finding out that the way people design products is through sketching, through inspirations from blogs, group work and other methods. Also, through further researching and by realising by the fact that this depends on the individuals’ strengths.
Reinterpretation, Appropriate, Principles, Applicable, Design Process, Conquered and Wicked Problems
Design thinking and the different ways individuals design think and the process of the development. Inspired, by the fact that different people design things in other ways to discover if there are any methods, which are more beneficial than others of creating a design or depending on if it suits the individual’s needs.
Different attitudes and behaviours are changing in society and the rules of the economic game, reshaping the corporate playing field and altering the nature of the players themselves. Through, my Interactive design project, this will allow me to plan my concepts in the best way probable to ensure the outcome is extraordinary.
There are now diverse strategies used by different people to create a design. This can be done through sketching, blogging, searching for the encouragement on pin interest as well as, visiting various places, to get more of a broader understanding. From the lecturer Ben, as a group we were set a task to create a storyboard. Each peer decided to select the task, which was our weakest option. The purpose of this is so we could progress on these appro...

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...urces give applicable information.
The fact that visual research designs, sketchbooks and blogs are sources of inspiration for continual development of ideas and the design students are encouraged to keep personal blogs such as Tumblr and WordPress as it is a great way of receiving feedback and a great way of development. On the other hand, through share inspiration it allows the individuals to get started with some ideas.[6] From all these sources developing a broader understanding, how things have transformed.
Design thinking has become a way of problem solving for a wide range of companies. Tim Brown, CEO and President of IDEO, "Design thinking is a human-centred approach to innovation that draws from the designer’s toolkit to integrate the needs of people, the possibilities of technology, and the requirements for business success.” [1]

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