Essay on Describe Your Professional Life

Essay on Describe Your Professional Life

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Being from Venezuela, a country that is now going through a dictatorial regime that controls almost all media outlets, made me realize the importance of freedom of speech and free media. For this reason I decided to pursue a major in Broadcast Journalism in The Pennsylvania State University. By my second semester in school, I knew I wanted to complement my Journalism degree with another major, a field that could be, in the future, my topic of specialization for all my stories. Economics grabbed my attention from the first ECON class I attended; I noted this area of study was very broad and influential for most of the stories that were heading the news every day. I also felt a strong interest for this subject due to the tough economic crisis my natal country was and still is going through. For these reasons, I decided to pursue a double major and on May 2013 I graduated with Cum Laude distinction with a BA in Broadcast Journalism and BS in Economics.
During my studies at Penn State, and even after graduation, I focused on building a career in the communications field. My first working experience was at Cadena Capriles, for their radio station in Caracas, Venezuela, as a part-time show producer. During the summer between my Junior and my Senior year, I landed an internship at BBC Worldwide Channels in Miami, Florida, where I worked for the Marketing and Communications Department. After graduating from Penn State, I interned at Newlink Group, a PR firm whose target audience was U.S. Hispanics, and then got a position as an Account Coordinator at Montgomery Communications, a firm geared towards travel public relations. All of these opportunities helped me build strong communication and social skills. These experiences where enriching,...

... middle of paper ... I wouldn’t like to leave behind what first inspired me to pursue a professional path in communications, this is why in the future I would like to create and manage my own program. I would like this program to be news-oriented, similar CNN en Español’s show, Cala. This show touches current events and topics of interest to the Latin American audience, yet keeping it in a more casual tone.
This dream is inspired by the same reason that inspired me to major in Broadcast Journalism in the first place, my passion for free media. I would love to invest in the creation of a show that broadcasts unbiased information. My experience working in public relations, combined with the knowledge I could get from Fordham’s MS in Media Management and more experience I plan to get in the media industry after completing my masters, will provide me the right tools to manage a channel.

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