Personal Statement: A Career As A Career

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As an international undergraduate student earning a Bachelor of Science degree in biology at Suffolk University, I had every intention of becoming a Scientist. However, while I completed an internship, a few part time positions and full time administrative/support positions in the field, I realized that I no longer desired to pursue this as a career. Although I valued doing hands-on research, and assisting people in bettering themselves, I found that the field did not call for the formation of more skills, relationships or engaging in mutual mentorship with other scientist to the level that I desired and had experienced through interactions with fellow researchers as a young professional. As a result of this realization, I decided to apply for a lab inventory specialist position in a pharmaceutical company after graduation.…show more content…
These experiences have contributed to my decision to pursue an advanced degree in the healthcare/biomedical field and helped to clarify the path towards accomplishing my goals. As I progressed in my position, I continued to associate with peers/colleagues, scientist, administrators and other professionals, I continued to gather experiences in the administrative or lab support roles, and these experiences helped me to cement my interest in healthcare administration/ or biomedical support

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