Essay on Depression : A Serious Issue For Some Teens

Essay on Depression : A Serious Issue For Some Teens

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Depression is a serious issue for some teens. It can be caused by a number of things, like trauma. If a child is going through or has went through some really bad times in his or her life, the trauma can cause depression. Genetic Inheritance is when depression, and sometimes suicide run in the family. Depression is an obstacle that most teens and even adult have to overcome in their lives. Although depression can be defeated, it takes a lot of help and you have to keep telling yourself that everything will be okay even when it feels like your world is falling into pieces right before your eyes.
If you have depression, it’s good to know that there are different types. Psychotic and Persistent Depression Disorder are a few types of depression. People with Psychotic Depression often have serious Symptoms such as Hallucinations, Paranoia, and Delusions. Persistent Depression Disorder has some symptoms that are similar as other types of depression. Like, feeling down, being very irritable and angry. Depression is very hard to live with. Everyday routines are different and harder to do. Even getting up is the the hardest thing ever because with depression you just don’t feel like anything matter, even life. Depression can get very bad if it goes untreated. After a while of feeling so hopeless, suicide and addictions will slowly start to become the main things the demons in your head scream; like drugs and cutting. There are ways of getting help, hospitals and going to a therapist everyday can help so much. Even keeping a diary, everyday write down everything inside that is making you sad, or even happy things. When I had depression I turned to addiction, but I started writing more, drawing, and listening to music. Music helps a lot wi...

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...just wanted the hell to go away, but they never understood that. Doctors can sometimes be very heartless. But, then again I was too because I wasn’t myself. Depression does that, turns you into a monster. my dad didn’t care, he was the main reason I wanted to just disappear. He never cared and still doesn’t so, I’ve realized that I am nothing to him so that’s it. But now, everything is somewhat okay. I just try to face the fight within one day at a time and it seems to be going okay. Sometimes, I get the urge to cut but I tell myself that I don’t need it. But, sometimes I just want someone to hug me, and tell me that everything is going to be okay. No one does and it gets to me. I’ve learned that no one will be there like I am for myself because no one wants to. I understand though, who would? If you have depression or know anyone else who does, please tell someone.

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