Depression And Depression: What Causes To Depression?

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Sadness, stress and anxiety are normal in a typical life. But, what happens when sadness feels like it is too strong to deal with, when you cannot think of another way out, when you think the only answer is to take your life? Depression can be one of the many triggers as of why you make be having suicidal thoughts. Depression is not a mood, a phase, a call for attention, or personal weakness. Many times people choose to hide their depression because they feel that people will think they are weak, they do not want people to worry about them or let alone think that they are crazy. But, how will we know to reach out and help them before it is too late? And, is there a way to help save someone who is having suicidal thoughts? Suicide is the action…show more content…
They may seem like two different topics but they are completely related. Depression is not the same for everybody. It is a serious mood disorder that changes the way people think, feel, and act. Depression is not feeling sad for just a day or two; it is the loss of hope, and feeling like suicide may appear to be a reasonable answer. They start to believe that suicide is reasonable because having depression makes you start to think irrationally, and you begin to have an overemphasis of reality, you begin to focus on only the bad things that happen to you in your life and it seems worse than what it really is and this creates what they would call a “snowball effect”. The snowball effect in depression is worsening the depression with the thoughts of only focusing on the negative things in your life and leading you in the direction of suicidal thoughts and possibly suicide. Many people may get depression for a traditional reason, for instance, the loss of a loved one. Having depression does not mean that your life is over and it is not a sign that you have already lost. The simple fact of being alive is a sign that there is…show more content…
There is hope for anyone and everyone who is lost in having suicidal thoughts or experiencing depression. While experiencing these awful feelings, you may feel like there is no hope for you and that there may not be a fixing to your life problems but, there is hope. One of the first steps to free yourself from these dark feelings is to realize that if you are having suicidal thoughts or have been experiencing severe depression, you must reach out for help. Reaching out for help can help save your life. Reaching out for help does not always mean going to a psychotherapist or a psychiatrist. Saving your life and finding your way out of depression can be found in simply venting and getting advice from a trusted friend, family member, co-worker, or possibly even a complete stranger could help you save yourself. But if you feel like you are truly lonely and could not even have courage to seek for help, you can always pray to God. Many people who have recovered from depression and never went to a psychologist, psychiatrist, psychotherapist, or any professional help have claimed to have found themselves rid of these horrible feelings by prayer, which gave them hope for a better tomorrow and strength to withstand all the trials that they may be facing in their difficult times. No matter how bad or horrible you may feel like your trial is, there is hope, solution, and a way out of the darkness for everyone. After all, it cannot rain
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